Rewards Program

502 Power Perks

Do yoga, get rewarded.


What is 502 Power Perks?

502 Power Perks is a fun (and free) way to earn points for coming to class, attending workshops, referring friends and more. We’ve partnered with a trusted Mindbody Partner, Perkville, to provide this program for our community to reward your loyalty to our studio!

How do I earn reward points?

You’ll automatically receive an opt-in email from Perkville after attending your first class. Sign up with the same email address you use in your Mindbody account and start earning points right away (or click unsubscribe and you’ll never receive another notification). Or, click here to join the 502 Power Perks program— automatically earn +50 points just for enrolling! View point-earning activity here.

How can I redeem points?

  1. Register your email address in your Mindbody Profile
  2. Cash in your points for our rewards on Perkville (you can track your points online)
  3. Bring your redemption voucher into any of our studios so we can redeem your reward (print it out or show on your smartphone)—think of it like a Groupon Voucher
  4. To redeem your Monthly Autopay fee, email us at

It’s quick, easy and free, plus you get 30 bonus points just for registering!

Get Started Now
**Make sure you sign up with the same email that is linked to your MindBody account. You will not earn points if you use a different email than your MindBody account**

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I redeem my free month of AutoPay?
A: When redeeming a Free Month on Auto Pay, your free month will be applied to your next scheduled payment and we must receive notification that you are redeeming your reward within 5 business days of the billing date.

Q: Can I use my free month of AutoPay to sign up for a membership?
A: YES! We would love to have you as a member, and if a free first month is what makes that happen, let’s do it!

Q: Why didn’t my Facebook post earn me credit?
A: You must use #502py and post a photo on Facebook in order to trigger automatic points.

Q: Why didn’t I get points when my friend took a class at the studio?
A: Here are some common reasons that referral points are not added:

  • The friend (new student) did not accept the referral offer. In this case, without accepting the offer, Perkville is unable to track the referral to reward the referring (existing) student.
  • The friend used a different email address. If they accepted the referral offer with one email, but signed up at the business with another, since Perkville tracks everything through emails, then this would be why points were not automatically added.
  • The friend student has not completed an action eligible for points. The friend student may have come into the business, but not all actions or purchases are eligible for points.

For the above scenarios, or for any other reason that the referral was not automatically added to a student’s account, reach out to with the name and email address of your friend, and we’d be happy to investigate for you.


Points are not valid for cash back (unless required by law). Must be used in one visit. Does not cover tax or gratuity. Cannot be combined with other offers. We reserve the right to change, modify, suspend, continue or terminate any part of our 502 Power Perks / Perkville Rewards at any time.