Energy Exchange Team

Someone has to make the lavender towels. That someone could be you.


The Energy Exchange Program is where we swap yoga for your volunteered time. This team is responsible for creating an AMAZING experience for all of the students at 502 Power Yoga. During your one shift a week, you will do laundry and clean in exchange for unlimited free yoga!!! This role is crucial to keeping our studio running smoothly.

Our Energy Exchange staff is filled on a rolling basis. Complete the application to get on our waitlist, and in the meantime, start coming to classes so we can get to know you!

Energy Exchange Application

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In Facebook, click your name to bring up your profile, then copy and paste the URL from your address bar (example: "")

We require one Reference. Please send this link to someone who can vouch for your suitability for the position, preferably someone within the 502PY community. This link will also be included in your submission confirmation that will be emailed to you after applying.