Join our Teaching Team

Before we get any further…

Are you trained in the Baptiste Methodology?

As a Baptiste Affiliate Yoga Studio, 502 Power Yoga only hires instructors trained in the Baptiste Methodology, either through our local 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, another Affiliate Studio’s Teacher Training, or through Teacher Training done directly with the Baptiste Institute.

You teach JIP? Great. Read on…

A regular teaching position at 502 Power Yoga is highly coveted and follows a rigid process to ensure that our studio has the highest caliber of instruction. Every instructor on our team starts as a substitute teacher. The steps to join our Substitute Teaching Team are as follows: 

  1. Complete the application below.
  2. We will hold applications until we have a need for instructors.
  3. When a Sub Team position is available, our Leadership Team will select qualified candidates to come in for an interview.
  4. If the Leadership Team believes the candidate is a good fit for our team, we will schedule a teaching demo in which you demonstrate mastery of teaching the Journey Into Power sequence using True North Alignment and effective point-to-point cues

Substitute Teaching Team Expectations

  • To be committed to the Baptiste Methodology through practicing regularly at 502 Power Yoga
  • To participate in Teaching Team Huddles as often as possible
  • To continue furthering your education as an instructor through workshops, Teacher Development opportunities, and other continuing education opportunities

Substitute Teaching Team Benefits

  • Substitute Teaching Team Instructors are hired as employees and are paid a flat rate per class. Please inquire with the Leadership team for more details on pay.
  • As a member of the Sub Team, you will receive a Level One Instructor Membership Package which includes:
    • Unlimited Yoga
    • 15% Discount on 502PY Merchandise
    • 20% discount on 502PY Workshops and Events
    • 1 Guest Pass per Month

Substitute Teaching Team Application Requirements

  • 200-Hour Teaching Certificate from a Baptiste Affiliate (see above for details)
  • Yoga Alliance Registration
  • 20 Hours of Teaching Experience recorded in a Yoga Alliance Account
  • A copy of Yoga Instructor Liability Insurance
  • A yoga resume
  • Headshot for use on 502PY Webpage and Mindbody
  • Yoga instructor bio, one paragraph (4-5 sentences) written in 3rd person (“Joe Yoga has been teaching for 5 years…”)