Inhale hope. Exhale fear.


Inhale hope. Exhale fear.

Guest post by Lara Macgregor, founder of Hope Scarves. Hope Scarves is 502 Power Yoga’s Karma Partner for the month of January.

Breath in. Be fully present with this breath. Breath out. Your breath exists in this moment. Each breath grounds you to this time and place…

When I was diagnosed with stage 4, metastatic breast cancer each breath was a struggle. I was suffocated by the future.
Stage 4 breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is when breast cancer cells move beyond the breast–often to the bones, lung […]

How is 502 Power Yoga’s Teacher Training different?

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How is 502 Power Yoga’s Teacher Training different from others in Louisville?

by Cat Larimore

There are now several places throughout Louisville you can get your 200 Hour Yoga Instructor Certification, so we thought we would explain how 502 Power Yoga’s Teacher Training differs from the other offerings in town:

Our training is led by Sarah Smith.

If you haven’t had a chance to take a class with Sarah or talk to her personally, this may not mean much to you, so let me paint a picture: Sarah is sharp, powerful […]

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