Backbending Workshop

Backbending with True North Alignment

Tuesday, June 20 // Jeffersonville Studio // 7:45–9:45PM

In this 2 hour workshop with Cat Larimore, we will focus on opening the shoulders, spine, and hips to create your fullest expression of backbend postures. We will use the fundamentals of true north alignment, props and other tools to deepen postures that regularly occur in our studio classes plus try on some advanced postures and transitions for those wanting to deepen their practice a bit more. This workshop is NOT limited to yogis who can already backbend—this workshop is for everyone, beginners and seasoned practitioners alike!

A bit about Cat and backbends: When Cat started practicing yoga in 2007, forward bends came relatively easily for her, but bending backwards seemed impossible after years of running and general bad posture habits tightened up her hips and shoulders. Throughout her 10 years of yoga practice, she has overcome shoulder limitations, spine tightness, wrist aches and even elbow issues to finally create a healthy, freeing backbending practice. Her work to overcome these limitations has given her the gift of understanding the physical body and common misalignments in backbending postures and she is eager to share them with you!

Cost: $40
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