Highlands Studio No Show Policy 2018

Attention Highlands Yogis:

We have a new No Show Policy rolling out in September.

Revised August 28th, 2018

But first, thank you for being amazing at reserving your mat space for classes! This makes the check-in process breezy at the front desk when you arrive.


However, over the last year, we have seen a lot of mat spaces reserved that are then not utilized. It makes us so sad when we see a class on the schedule has a waitlist of 10 people—meaning 45 people have raised their hands to say they want to practice—but then only 25 people show up. There are 10 empty mat spaces that should have been filled by smiling, sweaty, rejuvenated yogis.


Therefore, after much consideration, effective September 1, 2018, we are implementing a $10 Mat Holding Fee for reservations that are made but not kept. This fee will automatically be charged to your credit card on file the day following the missed class. To avoid the charge, simply cancel your class reservation before the class start time. If you’re worried about those early morning class times–don’t make the reservation if there’s any chance you might miss, or set an extra alarm 😉 


We hope this new policy will create more integrity around class reservations so your reserved space will not be given up unless you still have not checked in 10 minutes after class begins, the usual grace period for class entry (formerly we gave reserved spots away 5 minutes before class start time). In short, if our roster shows that you are registered, we expect that you will be here. 


We have also removed the Waitlist Option from Sunrise Classes in the Highlands to prevent the issue of people being added to the class in the middle of the night without their knowledge, then missing the class and being charged a fee.


Have a class package? You will not be charged the Mat Holding Fee, but the class will be deducted from your package, which is no change from before.


Having said all this, we know stuff comes up—work commitments, emergencies, missed alarms—so the first time you miss your reserved class we will waive the fee, and will send you a reminder of the policy. And if it’s a true emergency, please contact us at namaste@502poweryoga.com or 502-208-1012.


Thank you for your understanding. Go forth and #keeplouisvillesweaty!



The 502 Power Yoga Team


P.S. The new Mat Holding Fee doesn’t apply to classes in Jeffersonville right now; there is always plenty of room for yogis in that bright spacious studio! But we still love it when we can count on our class roster to know who to expect to classes!

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