8 Ways to Maintain Your Hot Yoga Practice in the Heat

By Cat Larimore

When it’s 12º outside in Louisville, hitting the 90º hot studio sounds like the Best.Idea.Ever.

However, when it’s 95º, sunny, and humid, a hot yoga class might sound a little less than stellar.

Here are 8 ways to keep up your practice at 502PY even when the temps are soaring: 

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The humidity and attendance, are both high in the studio right now. This means extra sweaty classes! Drink tons of water in the 24 hours leading up to your class, and if you practice at least 4 times a week, make it a regular habit to consume enough water that your pee runs mostly clear (gross, I know, but always an excellent gauge). #ProTip: If you notice your fingers are getting pruney like you’ve been in the pool too long, you’re dehydrated! Drink up!
  2. Dress appropriately. This doesn’t mean dress scandalously! Just consider the type of fabric you are using to cover your skin. Personally, I still wear below-the-knee pants in yoga because I hate sweaty skin on skin for some poses, but the material is KEY. Cotton will feel heavy and restricting. Wear thin, wicking fabric designed for athletic gear. Tank tops will help you feel cool.
  3. Bring a full bottle of ice water into the studio with you. We have no rules about water bottles in the studio or when you are allowed to drink. Listen to your body! Drink when you need to! #ProTip: Hydroflasks will keep your water ice cold even throughout a 90-minute practice. As of this writing, we still have a few 502 Power Yoga branded 32oz Hydroflasks available for $48!

    sweaty hot yoga louisville

    #nofilter: This is actual moisture on the door to the studio after a class.

  4. Bring more “sweat absorption tools”. You might be sweatier than usual in the heat and humidity of summer hot yoga classes. We have hand towels for rent for $1, and we also recommend a mat towel (we’ll be selling YogiToes towels in the studio soon!), and maybe even a sweat band/head band (we like Buffs!), to help keep sweat from limiting your practice. #ProTip: Apply Vaseline on brow bone before class to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes during practice. Swear to goodness, this one works!
  5. Set a goal. If you are committed to finally getting up into crow, pick a date at the end of the summer to have achieved that goal! You will have a reason to show up and do your practice even when the sun is beating down on you.
  6. Switch to early morning classes. If the hot summer nights are tempting you out of your regular evening classes, consider switching it up to the 6 AM classes offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Salute the sun as it rises over Bardstown Road.
  7. Make it social. Coming to a class at 502 Power Yoga is not just a gym workout–it’s a community. The sheer act of entering the studio is a social activity. But why not invite some of your studio buddies to post-practice activities that will incentivize you to meet at the class and “earn” your post-sweat treat? Try iced coffee and bagels at Breadworks, beers on Great Flood’s new patio, appetizers and wine at Cafe Lou Lou, or sangria at Havana Rumba. And obviously ice cream from Graeter’s because, duh. Ice Cream.
  8. Think of the hot studio as air conditioning. If it’s sweltering outside, 90º could be a nice break from the heat. At least it’s in the shade!

Do you have any other tips to share on maintaining your hot yoga practice in the heat of summer? Let us know in the comments below. Let’s #KeepLouisvilleSweaty this summer!