It’s a community, not a competition.

We received another great follow-up to our New Student Welcome calls… we had to share!! ❤

Thank you for calling yesterday to follow-up on my experience with 502 Power Yoga. So far I am loving the studio! All of the staff I have interacted with so far have been friendly, passionate about what they do, and welcoming and encouraging during class. The instructors provide modifications so all of the classes are accessible to all levels of yogis, the class assistants are hands-on but in an encouraging and unobtrusive way, and both instructors and assistants exude positivity.

I feel a definite sort of tribe vibe among the yogis at the studio as well. (For example, you greeted by name, the moment I walked in the door, the second time I attended  class!) Although I have been practicing yoga for a while, I have mostly practiced solo at home and not in a class environment. I am brand new to hot yoga and the Baptiste methodology. However, I have never felt out of place at 502 Power Yoga. Everyone I have met in class so far have been super-friendly, welcoming and encouraging. It’s okay to fall out, be wobbly or do a bridge instead of a wheel and no one judges you. It’s a community, not a competition and no one takes their self too seriously.

I love that every class I am both reminded the important thing is to be there and present in that moment on my mat, and encouraged to push myself a little farther and grow a little more. I am a married, mother of three (17, 13 and 6), and I work full-time, so it is really hard for me to turn my brain off and just be present in the now. The classes at 502 Power Yoga help me focus on me for little chunk of time in my day.

On a random note, Sarah’s Hips, Hammies and Thighs workshop was incredible, and the lavender towels rock!


We are so humbled by this simple note. This is the why of 502PY! Do you have a story you’d like to share? Please email us at We would love to hear from you!