Highlands Renovation 2022

Highlands Renovation 2022

Pardon our dust, but we have a huge construction project taking off at 502 Power Yoga Highlands! Please bear with us over the next 6 weeks as we embark on a much-needed expansion.

A trip down memory lane

The 2nd floor of our building used to be 4 apartments, hence the big hallway down the middle with 4 doors. When we first opened in 2014, we only had the North side of the building—what was formerly 2 apartment units. We had a tiny lobby and a tiny studio space (which we still packed 35 people into… it was the Before Times).

full at yoga studio louisville ky
Full house, January 2015

We had no storage, spent $1000/month at a laundromat down the street, and had no good way to display merchandise.


We acquired one of the two units across the hall in 2016 — we finally had space for laundry, meetings, and storage! We called it the Annex. It served us well.

yoga studio office
The Annex before it became a “catch-all” disaster of a room. This space is now the Lobby.


We acquired the remaining unit on the 2nd floor of our building in 2018 and began moving office operations in there. This freed up the “Annex” to become the Lobby, which freed up the old lobby to become MORE STUDIO SPACE!

a contractor knocks down the wall between the old lobby and old studio space at 502 power yoga
The wall between original lobby and original studio comes down
the expanded studio space at yoga studio 502 power yoga
Lobby space turned Studio Space
a packed house at yoga studio 502 power yoga in louisville kentucky
Post-expansion class capacity = 48


There was this pandemic 😅 and after a few months of being closed, we opened back up with only 7 mat spots. SEVEN. Thank goodness we expanded in 2018.

pandemic times yoga with limited capacity at 502 power yoga
Seven mat spots. Not six. SEVEN.
building construction at the rear of the building
One good thing that came out of 2020 was that our rickety old stairs were finally replaced


We “expanded” capacity up to 22 last summer which felt so good after being so limited for so long. It’s hard to imagine ever having fit 48 people in that room 😅 Besides, where did everyone park?

This brings us to the present day: The time—and opportunity—to expand has come again!

High-Level Overview

  • Bigger lobby: The pandemic made it obvious we don’t need an entire office unit to work. So we’re merging the current office with the current lobby for one big lobby space!
  • So long, hallways! We will be knocking down the walls dividing the office/lobby from the hallway so when you walk in the back door, you’ll be walking into a big open lobby space!
  • New locker room/bathroom area: We’re building a locker room with toilets and changing rooms where the front desk currently is. Then we can remove the two bathrooms inside the studio space to make room for…
  • MORE PRACTICE SPACE. Our hope/plan is to expand our class capacity from 22 to 32! Exact numbers TBD.
  • Water bottle filling station: Finally, a place to fill out a water bottle that isn’t the bathroom sinks!
  • No, there won’t be showers 🙂

Construction Timeline & Impact on Classes

  1. Preliminary work – Happening now: Plumbing rough-in for future bathroom and utility sink in the laundry room. You may have heard some drilling today and yesterday—hopefully, the worst of it is over!
  2. Office Demo – July 18-22ish – This work will stay contained in the office and should not affect our operations at all.
  3. Move Lobby Operations to former Office Space – Late July: Once the office space renovation is complete, we will move lobby operations to that space, and close off the current lobby for demo!!!
  4. Current Lobby conversion to Locker Room – Late July: With lobby operations occurring in the old office space, the crew will build out the future bathroom / locker room and anything else specific to that space, while keeping it closed off from public use.
  5. Demo Wall between Office and Lobby to create our NEW LOBBY – early August. This might require canceling some classes but when it’s done our new lobby will be open and ready for you!
  6. Demo studio bathrooms – 2nd week of August. We will DEFINITELY need to close for a few days for this part, exact dates TBD.

Grand Re-Opening

The project is scheduled to be complete by September!!! We’ll have a Grand Reopening Celebration when everything is finished with throwback New Student Offers, membership deals, an Open House, and more! Stay tuned for details.

Thank you for your patience over the next 6 weeks. It will be SO WORTH IT! And hopefully, we’ll be done with any major projects for a while 😅😅😅😅


Cat Crawford
Owner & CEO, 502 Power Yoga

Bye, Bye, Bye Baptiste

Bye, Bye, Bye Baptiste

This isn’t exactly “news,” but I have never said anything publicly about 502 Power Yoga and Baptiste Yoga. It’s finally time. Here is my unabridged story of the rise and fall of my relationship with Baptiste Yoga:

2014: The Enchantment

502PY was founded in 2014 with the intention of becoming a Baptiste Yoga Studio. After an exhaustive application process, a representative from the Baptiste studio flew in to inspect our facility, interview teachers, and take classes to ensure our studio met their rigid requirements. We were finally approved to be a Baptiste Affiliate Studio in 2015. It was such a big deal then and we proudly displayed the Baptiste logo on our website and marketing materials.

My personal journey to being a Baptiste Certified Instructor has a similar story. I attended expensive, time-intensive trainings away from home (two week-longs and a weekend immersion), filmed videos of myself teaching, wrote MANY essays, endured an hour-long critique of my teaching video only to be denied and have to begin the video process over again. When I finally received my Certification in April of 2016, it was a relief and source of pride to know I had earned the honor.

2016: The Disillusionment

Things started to change shortly thereafter. My newly acquired Certification entitled me to attend an exclusive Summit that was only for Baptiste Certified Teachers. But a few weeks before that Summit, it was announced that anyone could go. And they would perform “Live Certification” at the end of the weekend. WTF? The Summit itself was… interesting. (I won’t go into details of the programming; the podcast Journey Into Yoga Cults goes into great detail about the program content itself. They even talk about this summit specifically.)

I was not present during this “Live Certification,” but I hear that the 50-100 teachers trying out were told that either they were ALL being certified, or NONE of them were. After being bullied and harassed with “live coaching,” the entire group was then certified. I couldn’t help but wonder, how can the caliber of instruction be ensured with a certification process like this?

But still, we were all in on Baptiste Yoga. At 502 Power Yoga, we continued to encourage to send our students and teachers to Baptiste Programs. They are life-changing! Powerful! There is nothing like it! We hosted Baptiste trainings at our studio. We sold books written by Baron Baptiste. We led programs written by Baron Baptiste. We lived and breathed all things Baptiste. We truly believed that the “Baptiste Methodology” made us better people and stronger teachers.

2018: The Frustration

Around 2018, they made more changes to their business model that made it clear they were more interested in quantity over quality. Now, the process to become an Affiliate studio didn’t require a site visit. It didn’t even really require an application or an interview. It just required attendance at a weekend-long program and a boat-load of cash. Once again, I was concerned about the dilution of the Baptiste name, and what was happening with the brand. Being a Baptiste Affiliate studio was meaning less and less.

At the same time, the rigidity and dogmatic approach of Baptiste Yoga was becoming suffocating and frustrating for me. In one training I attended, a facilitator was teaching us a transition that, to me, didn’t make a whole lot of sense. I offered the group an alternative that could be more accessible to more students. The facilitator shot me down and told me I was wrong.

That’s how it was with them: There’s the wrong way, and there’s the Baptiste way. I even had teachers on my own team tell me I was wrong to call “Utkatasana” “Chair Pose.” “It’s written on the card as “Thunderbolt!”

Since I had a full 200-hour training under my belt and had practiced for 5 years before I had even heard of Baptiste yoga, I knew that there were many styles of yoga and each had its strengths and weaknesses. I knew there are more ways to align your shoulders in crow/crane pose that can give you access to different things. There is more than one name for “Chair pose” (I still don’t know what the hell a “Thunderbolt” is.) Reciting alignment cues word-for-word is not the most impactful way to teach a room full of bodies.

2019: The Beginning of the End

I tried to withdraw our affiliation in 2019 but was met with resistance and pleading to stay on at my “Grandfathered” affiliation rate (which was significantly less than what they were asking at the time). They tried to get me to “Brand” my logo with the “Baptiste Affiliate” logo but I refused. But I kept my affiliation and kept paying my dues, thinking there were still benefits of certification. One great benefit was a private Facebook group with other Affiliate studios. Some of my best business advice came from other Baptiste studio owners in that group.

In April 2020, thick into the lockdowns, Baron invited the Affiliate owners to a “Forum.” In this community Zoom call with about 300 studio owners, Baron attempted to “Coach” us on what was going on:

“What’s coming up for you?”


“And what’s underneath your fear?”


These studio owners were, like me, scared shitless that they were going to lose their businesses. Their homes. Their retirement savings. And all Baron had to offer us was his smug and entitled coaching from his mansion on a mountaintop in Park City. Sometime after the call, probably based on the outpouring of disappointment and frustration from attendees, that Baptiste announced it would pause all dues, but affiliations could remain active. Finally, some form of tangible help!

Then more help came, but not from the Institute: A few Affiliate owners organized a weekly mastermind call to talk strategy, action plans, and support. Those calls were the most beneficial hour of my week during most of 2020. I am forever grateful to that group.

2021: The Fuzzy but Actual Ending

In May 2021, Baptiste sent an email asking Affiliate Owners if they would like to renew their affiliation or let it lapse. I chose the latter. It was over.

That summer was a pivotal summer for 502PY, but not in a good way. After over a year into the pandemic, all financial support had run out, but cases were still high, people were still scared to come back to the studio, and our capacity was still 40% of what it had been in the Before Times. It was clear that we had to change our entire business structure to adapt to the meager revenue stream. In addition to some team restructuring, we also officially announced the ending of our Affiliation to the team, and for the first time opened ourselves up to teachers who were NOT trained in the Baptiste Methodology. We slowly started to remove references to Baptiste yoga from our website and marketing materials. I honestly didn’t think any of our students would notice or care if we made some sort of announcement about our un-affiliation, so we kept it in-house, and just kept putting one foot in front of the other to keep the business alive.

2022: Shame and Regret

In December 2021, “Journey Into Yoga Cults” launched their first episode, sharing their experience from higher up the “pyramid” of the Baptiste world. More and more people began sharing about the cultiness of Baptiste Yoga. Armed with these insights and shared experiences, I could look back and see clearly the abuses of power, their culty behavior, and problematic methods of coaching and facilitating. Unfortunately, I could also see how 502 Power Yoga acted in the same problematic ways, as we mimicked what we thought were best practices. Especially in our Teacher Trainings.

Do I think Baptiste Yoga is a cult? I think the closer you get to the top of the pyramid, the more culty it is, and the harder it is to get out. I personally was never very high up in the organization (thank goodness) so I was not a victim of particularly culty behavior.

Do I think the Baptiste Institute studied and followed techniques of known cults (Scientology, NXIVM) and borrowed modules for their own trainings? Definitely.

Do I think the Institute asking yoga studios to brand themselves with the Affiliate logo is similar to Keith Reineire asking women to brand themselves with his initials? Certainly not as extreme, but yeah.

So, no. We are not still a Baptiste Affiliate studio. We ARE still a Power Yoga studio, teaching physically challenging yoga classes to inspire and empower. Many of our teachers still have some unlearning to do, as the “Baptiste Methodology” was ingrained in us during our teacher training and Baptiste programs. Now, our team is encouraged and incentivized to do continuing education in any and every style of yoga so that we can teach well-rounded classes.

As a business owner, I’m excited about what the future holds for 502 Power Yoga. My original vision for this yoga studio had nothing to do with Baptiste Yoga, so in my mind, this is an opportunity to get back to my original concept and dream. Just like there is never a moment where you “achieve” a yoga posture, there will not be a specific moment where we suddenly “arrive” at the vision. All we can do is keep following our aim, adapting, learning, and doing better, and then changing course and doing it all again as needed.

Thank you for coming along this journey with me, and, if you’re reading this, for reading all the way to the end 🙏


Cat Crawford

June Schedule Changes

June Schedule Changes

⁠⁠With the turning of the calendar and the change of seasons, we have some changes to our yoga class schedule coming at you for June! ⁠We really appreciate your patience as we make adjustments based on our yoga instructors’ evolving availability and y’all’s feedback 😇 ⁠

Highlands Yoga Studio Schedule

  • Monday 4:45 PM will now be taught by Cat Crawford
  • Tuesday 7:45 PM will now be taught by Chloe O’Bryan
  • Wednesday 6:15 PM YOD has relocated to 4:45 PM on Tuesdays! Still with Agnese, still in the Highlands, just on a new day and new time.
  • Friday 6AM Power Core will now be taught by Kelli Bauman

East End Yoga Studio Schedule

  • Monday 5:45 AM Renew & Release with Renee moves to 9:15AM
  • Wednesday 6:00 PM Slow Flow will now be taught by TBD
  • Friday 5:45 AM Friday Flow with Jaimie moves to 9:15AM
  • NEW: Mondays 12:15PM-1:00PM Power Vinyasa with Cami
  • NEW: Wednesdays 12:15PM-1:00PM Power Vinyasa with Renee
  • NEW: Fridays 12:15PM-1:00PM Friday Flow with TBD

Pro Tip: The best way to ensure a class stays on the schedule is to show up for it. #votewithyourfeet

Peace out, Mindbody!

Peace out, Mindbody!

502 Power Yoga to switch to Walla on April 28th, 2022

The past two years tore our yoga studio down to the studs and even shattered our foundation. On the plus side, we have had the opportunity to rebuild from the ground up, eliminating and changing the structures, partnerships, and processes that no longer serve us. We realized that one of the biggest challenges was our booking and billing system, Mindbody. After a LOT of research, we’ve found a powerful new software partner for our yoga studio, and we can’t wait to introduce you. 

Enter Walla! Walla will be our new scheduling, booking, video-on-demand, and communication system working behind the scenes to make your yoga class booking process as seamless as possible.  

What does this mean for you?

502 power yoga on demand library preview

New way to book yoga classes: Our schedule on our website will have a clean, modern, and easy-to-use interface, and you will use the Walla App (currently only available on iOS) to book classes, not the Mindbody App (if you download the app now; please note you won’t be able to do anything with it until we transfer accounts over on April 28). Android users: You can make a bookmark to our schedule webpage and use the mobile-friendly schedule on our website to book classes.

New On-Demand Library: We are REALLY excited about this… Our slick new library of virtual and recorded studio yoga classes will be easy to find on our website and easy to navigate. And easy-on-the-eyes to boot! All memberships (virtual, 4x, 8x, and All Access) will have unlimited access to our library.

An easy way to book a friend: When you book your yoga classes online, you’ll now have an option to “add a friend” at check out. AND our memberships will have guest passes built in that you’ll be able to easily share without having to contact the studio. We want to make it easy for you to share your love for 502 Power Yoga with a pal! 

Upgraded payment processing capabilities: Walla was built during the pandemic so its features are geared toward a fully contactless experience. We will be able to accept Apple Pay and more with the new system, but we will NOT accept any cash payments in-studio effective April 28th, 2022!

There are some more benefits that we’ll be unveiling over the summer—stay tuned!!!!

Our new software *should* be up and running April 28, and in the meantime, we are tidying up and packing to make the move seamless and simple with very little impact on YOU.

As soon as we hit GO you will receive another email with instructions to get started, so keep your eyes peeled! 

For now, continue booking as you always have… We can’t wait to see you in class!

Thanks for being a part of our community,

Cat Crawford
Owner and CEO
502 Power Yoga 

Closing Jeffersonville

Closing Jeffersonville

Written by 502 Power Yoga owner, Cat Crawford, October 26, 2021

The talk of expanding 502py’s footprint began back in 2016. The obvious choice was somewhere on the East End, but after looking at multiple locations, and having a competitor open in the East End, we shifted our vision to other areas of town. I don’t remember how we settled on Southern Indiana, but it all made so much sense at the time: Very little competition, a big space, affordable rent, easy access to downtown Louisville, central to several SoIn towns, and GREAT PARKING. So in the Spring of 2017, we found ourselves signing a lease in Water Tower Square and preparing for our 2nd location.

There was a lot of excitement in the community. The team rallied behind getting everything ready.

We created a GREAT schedule, staffed up, ran promotions, had a great first class…

 And then it was a struggle.

Our teachers were used to teaching a packed room so it was odd to show up and teach for 1-3 people in those early days. We had our first no-show classes. It had been so easy in the Highlands!! We had to put in a LOT more effort to build our Southern Indiana community.

So we kept showing up.

And slowly but surely, our classes began to fill up.

We generated momentum and excitement through workshops, programs, trainings, and special events.

We packed the house with 80 yogis when Paige Elenson came to town.

And we had at least that many show up for our 2018 Personal Revolution Kickoff meeting. Were you there?

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, we were FINALLY starting to gain real traction. We were seeing 20-30 people in some of our more popular classes. Things were finally looking up…

The Pandemic brought it all to a screeching halt.

And after nearly 20 months, it still hasn’t recovered.

We have some die-hard students in SoIn who show up day after day. I am grateful for their commitment to the practice, to each other, and to that space. You know who you are.

Karen, Niki, and Tina; a few of our die-hards

But not enough students are showing up to make ends meet. We simply cannot afford to keep this location open any longer.

Our last class at the Jeffersonville studio will be Tuesday, November 30th, at 6:00 PM.

To all of the students and team members who have shown up in that space over the last 4.5 years, THANK YOU.

We’ve seen friendships and connections blossom in this space.

An engagement occurred in the space (Becca and Joycie!)

We witnessed physical, mental, and spiritual transformations in over 2500 unique students.

One of our team members even had her water break while practicing in the space (TMI?)

That beautiful squishy floor has had over 70,000 bare feet pad across it.

God only knows how many handstands have been held on those walls.

Over 30,000 lavender towels have been placed at the top corner of yoga mats.

We are sad, yet hopeful for the future of 502PY’s Highlands and East End locations. I will leave you with the wise words of Semisonic:

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


What will happen to my favorite teachers?

We will be relocating our SoIn teachers to our Highlands and East End studios based on availability and demand.

What is the class schedule at Jeffersonville right now?

Check it out. Registration for classes opens 7 days in advance.

What do I do about my membership?

All of our monthly memberships are month-to-month at this time. They auto-renew on the date of purchase. You can check on your current renewal date by clicking here. Memberships have always, and will continue to be, eligible at all of our locations. While we would love to keep you in the community, you can request a membership cancelation by following this link.

What if I have a class pass?

You have until November 30th to use what’s left on your class card. Not sure what you have on file? Login to your account here to see. After November 30th, you can continue to use your class pass online and at our Highlands and East End locations. We would love to see you there!

Can I get a refund?

We are not able to make cash refunds at this time. You have until November 30th to use any classes on your account at the Jeffersonville studio. And, as always, all class packs and memberships are eligible for use at ALL of our locations, so after November 30th, you can still visit us in the Highlands, East End, and virtually. Please email us if you have any questions. We can transfer your passes to another student if you are unable to use them for any reason.

How will this affect the Highlands and the East End locations?

Once Jeffersonville closes, there will be more resources to go around—time, energy, and money—which will be reinvested into our other locations. You will see new classes on the schedule and improvements to the facilities.

How can I help?

What other questions do you have?

Please email us if we missed something (and we’ll keep this list updated for others!)