Closing Jeffersonville

Closing Jeffersonville

Written by 502 Power Yoga owner, Cat Crawford, October 26, 2021

The talk of expanding 502py’s footprint began back in 2016. The obvious choice was somewhere on the East End, but after looking at multiple locations, and having a competitor open in the East End, we shifted our vision to other areas of town. I don’t remember how we settled on Southern Indiana, but it all made so much sense at the time: Very little competition, a big space, affordable rent, easy access to downtown Louisville, central to several SoIn towns, and GREAT PARKING. So in the Spring of 2017, we found ourselves signing a lease in Water Tower Square and preparing for our 2nd location.

There was a lot of excitement in the community. The team rallied behind getting everything ready.

We created a GREAT schedule, staffed up, ran promotions, had a great first class…

 And then it was a struggle.

Our teachers were used to teaching a packed room so it was odd to show up and teach for 1-3 people in those early days. We had our first no-show classes. It had been so easy in the Highlands!! We had to put in a LOT more effort to build our Southern Indiana community.

So we kept showing up.

And slowly but surely, our classes began to fill up.

We generated momentum and excitement through workshops, programs, trainings, and special events.

We packed the house with 80 yogis when Paige Elenson came to town.

And we had at least that many show up for our 2018 Personal Revolution Kickoff meeting. Were you there?

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, we were FINALLY starting to gain real traction. We were seeing 20-30 people in some of our more popular classes. Things were finally looking up…

The Pandemic brought it all to a screeching halt.

And after nearly 20 months, it still hasn’t recovered.

We have some die-hard students in SoIn who show up day after day. I am grateful for their commitment to the practice, to each other, and to that space. You know who you are.

Karen, Niki, and Tina; a few of our die-hards

But not enough students are showing up to make ends meet. We simply cannot afford to keep this location open any longer.

Our last class at the Jeffersonville studio will be Tuesday, November 30th, at 6:00 PM.

To all of the students and team members who have shown up in that space over the last 4.5 years, THANK YOU.

We’ve seen friendships and connections blossom in this space.

An engagement occurred in the space (Becca and Joycie!)

We witnessed physical, mental, and spiritual transformations in over 2500 unique students.

One of our team members even had her water break while practicing in the space (TMI?)

That beautiful squishy floor has had over 70,000 bare feet pad across it.

God only knows how many handstands have been held on those walls.

Over 30,000 lavender towels have been placed at the top corner of yoga mats.

We are sad, yet hopeful for the future of 502PY’s Highlands and East End locations. I will leave you with the wise words of Semisonic:

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


What will happen to my favorite teachers?

We will be relocating our SoIn teachers to our Highlands and East End studios based on availability and demand.

What is the class schedule at Jeffersonville right now?

Check it out. Registration for classes opens 7 days in advance.

What do I do about my membership?

All of our monthly memberships are month-to-month at this time. They auto-renew on the date of purchase. You can check on your current renewal date by clicking here. Memberships have always, and will continue to be, eligible at all of our locations. While we would love to keep you in the community, you can request a membership cancelation by following this link.

What if I have a class pass?

You have until November 30th to use what’s left on your class card. Not sure what you have on file? Login to your account here to see. After November 30th, you can continue to use your class pass online and at our Highlands and East End locations. We would love to see you there!

Can I get a refund?

We are not able to make cash refunds at this time. You have until November 30th to use any classes on your account at the Jeffersonville studio. And, as always, all class packs and memberships are eligible for use at ALL of our locations, so after November 30th, you can still visit us in the Highlands, East End, and virtually. Please email us if you have any questions. We can transfer your passes to another student if you are unable to use them for any reason.

How will this affect the Highlands and the East End locations?

Once Jeffersonville closes, there will be more resources to go around—time, energy, and money—which will be reinvested into our other locations. You will see new classes on the schedule and improvements to the facilities.

How can I help?

What other questions do you have?

Please email us if we missed something (and we’ll keep this list updated for others!)

Yet another mask update

Yet another mask update

We are pleased with the downward trend of Covid cases in Jefferson county so we are downgrading our “Masks Required” policy to “Masks Encouraged” effective October 1, 2021.

Each of our studios is still operating at less than half capacity with mat spaces clearly indicated, and we continue to maintain a clean environment complete with plenty of hand sanitizer 🙂

There will be practitioners who feel more comfortable practicing in a mask for their safety or their concern for others, and our space will continue to be supportive of those who choose to mask up.

At this time, proof of vaccination will not be required and no one will inquire about your status.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Now hopefully this is the last mask update for a while…


Cat Crawford
Owner and CEO
502 Power YOga

October 2021 Schedule Updates

October 2021 Schedule Updates

Red and bold text indicates the change!


  • Monday 3:30 pm Power Vinyasa: time change, 4:45-5:45 pm (Susie Pope)
  • Tuesday 6:15 pm Power Vinyasa: teacher change (Becca Crandall)
  • Saturday 11 am Slow Flow: teacher change (Alison Cox)
  • Tuesday 6:30 am Power Vinyasa: time change, 6-7 am (Shaali Singogo)
  • Thursday 6:30 am Power Vinyasa: time and teacher change, 6-7 am (Renee Beard)


  • Monday 5:30pm Power Vinyasa: class type, teacher & time change- Renew & Release, 6-7pm (RaVone Wortham)
  • Tuesday 6am Power Vinyasa: teacher change (Nicole Hess)
  • Tuesday 6pm Power Vinyasa: teacher change (Niki Mallory-Sweeney)

East End

  • Monday 6pm Power Vinyasa: teacher change (Cat Crawford)
  • Tuesday 6pm Power Vinyasa: teacher change (Lauren Quaife)
  • Thursday 4:30pm Power Vinyasa: teacher change (Lauren Quaife)


  • Flow With Grace: day & time change: now offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11-12 (Mondays with Nikki, Tuesday and Wednesday with Darsi)
  • Tuesday evening Yin class type, teacher & time change: Meditate & Rejuvenate, 6:15-7:15pm (Renee Beard)
  • Tuesday/Thursday 12:15 pm class type change, Live Stream Power Vinyasa (Stephanie Kersting)
To mask or not to mask.

To mask or not to mask.

That is the question. The Delta variant has put 502PY at another crossroads: How can we protect our community, stay open in-studio, AND continue to empower and inspire students? Our options seem to be limited to:

  1. Do nothing,
  2. Require masks for all, or
  3. require vaccinations for all.

I hate each of these options.

502PY was created to be a neutral, safe space, accepting of all, regardless of backstory or beliefs. But it seems no matter what option we choose, we will be polarizing our community in some regard. So what to do?

We created our core values to help us navigate challenges like this:

Integrity & Accountability: We have followed and should continue to follow CDC recommendations, even if they are not mandated. Doing nothing would be irresponsible and out of alignment with our mission.

Acceptance & Inclusivity: Requiring a proof of vaccination would automatically exclude a portion of our population (and would create an administrative headache!). Requiring masks for all evens the playing field without isolating any particular group.

Connection & Community: In order to create a safe environment for our community to gather and connect, and to put parents with small children at ease, masking up right now makes the most sense.

Therefore, requiring masks for all is a simple (albeit annoying) change that will protect all yogis. And, hopefully, it’s temporary.

Effective Wednesday, August 11th, masks will be required by ALL students and instructors, regardless of vaccination status.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding, and as always, reach out to us with any questions or concerns.


Cat Crawford, owner and CEO, 502 Power Yoga

Jeffersonville Grand Re-Re-Re-Opening

Jeffersonville Grand Re-Re-Re-Opening

On May 10, 2017, we held our first class in our Jeffersonville studio. What a wild ride it has been! And we are THRILLED to announce that we’re coming back stronger and more resilient than ever the first week of June.

The June 2021 Jeffersonville Schedule is LIVE!

If you’re new to 502PY or haven’t been to see us in the past 6 months, you can get 30 days of unlimited yoga for $38. The package will activate upon your first visit, so you can try it at one of our other locations, or save it for when you’re ready for Jeffersonville.

Check back for more updates!