Another love note to 502PY

It’s a community, not a competition. We received another great follow-up to our New Student Welcome calls... we had to share!! ❤ Thank you for calling yesterday to follow-up on my experience with 502 Power Yoga. So far I am loving the studio! All of the staff I have interacted with so far have been friendly,...

From 18 to 8

From 18 to 8 By Rebecca Burnett Pushing 200lbs, I remember once struggling to run 8 minutes without stopping in Iroquois Park. At the time I was a caregiver to my parents: mom with cancer and dad with Alzheimer's. The stress of this situation wasn't helping my own health - I was eating my way into...

Week Five: Garlicky Kale

garlic kale salad
Week Five: Garlicky Kale By Laura Olinger Leafy greens are vitamin and mineral rich, but, to be honest, I’ve never found raw kale that palatable. However, when it comes to this garlicky kale recipe, I can’t stop eating it. Kale provides Vitamins A, C and K, calcium, and iron (which can be harder to get for...
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