2021 BINGO Challenge!

September 1–30, 2021

Join the 502PY Community for a fun BINGO challenge that takes you out in the community and the social media world and rewards you for stepping outside of your comfort zone!

How to Play

  1. Get a BINGO Card 
    Cards can be picked up at the front desk or downloaded. Tape your card on the wall at your home studio (or home). Cards will be available by August 25. You can join in the challenge after September 1 but your chances of winning go down!
  2. Start planning your attack
    Spend the week before the challenge planning your BINGO strategy!
  3. Earn Stamps
    You can earn your first stamp on September 1! Check the Redemption Rules below for details on earning each square. Only one square can be redeemed in one day.
  4. Get BINGO and WIN!
    When you get regular BINGO, special BINGO, or fill your entire grid, you are eligible for BIG PRIZES! See below for details on prizes.
BINGO card - click to print

The Prizes

Tier 1: Regular BINGO!

Prize: 3-Month All Access (3 winners!)

Complete a line across, down, or diagonal to get regular BINGO! All yogis who get a Regular BINGO during the challenge time period will be entered into a drawing at the end of the challenge to win a 3-month All Access Membership (three memberships available)!

Tier 2: Special BINGO!

Prize: 6-Month All Access (2 winners!)

Complete an X, a T or the Border (outside lines of BINGO card) to get Special BINGO! All yogis who get Special BINGO will be entered into a drawing for a 6-month All Access Membership (two memberships available)! 

Tier 3: Full BINGO – Grand Prize

Prize: 12-Month All Access (1 winners!)

Any yogi who fills the entire BINGO card will be entered to win the Grand Prize: A full year of Unlimited Access to all 502 Power Yoga classes and all the benefits that come with membership!

Redemption Rules

  • Cost of BINGO card: FREE!!!!
  • Contest runs September 1–September 30
  • One BINGO card per student which must live at your “home studio”
    • If you are primarily participating virtually, you may keep your card at home
  • One max square earned per day
    • Example: If you attend a teacher’s class you’ve never taken AND practice at the Highlands studio in the same day, you can only earn a stamp for one; not both.
    • Social media posts must be on separate days; the stamp is earned for the day of posting
  • You must mark the date of completion on each square
  • All BINGO cards must be completed and submitted to any 502PY by Monday, October 4th.
  • Winners will be notified after we have had a chance to verify accuracy of all entrants; around mid-October
  • If you have any questions about the rules or eligibility you can email the studio, namaste@502poweryoga.com 

Very Great Detail for Each Challenge

  • Any “Attend a … Class”: Earned by being marked as “signed-in” in our Mindbody schedule. For Virtual classes, you are only marked as “signed-in” if you attend in real time.
  • Create Connection: Tell your instructor who you connected with.
  • Highlands Love / Go East / Sunnyside: Update your BINGO card at your home studio after visiting one of our other locations
  • Level Up: Tell us what you did to change it up!
  • Join the Conversation: Honor system! Share something about yourself, how you started yoga, what you love about 502PY, or simply ask for advice on a favorite mat or mask for practice.
  • Labor Day Handstand: Wherever your Holiday finds you, get upside down and post to Facebook or Instagram—if you tag #100handstandsofsummer and @502poweryoga it will count as one entry to that challenge, too! Doesn’t have to be fancy—3-legged dog and L-Stand at the wall count, too!
  • Demand Power: Honor system! Mark your card after you take a class from our new On-Demand Library of yoga classes.
  • Any 5-Star Review: Show us your review on your phone, or email us a link to it.
  • New Beginnings: You get a stamp after your friend visits the Beginner Power class
  • Branch Out: Let the front desk know how you enjoyed the new teacher. Have you taken a class from every teacher already?! You automatically earn a stamp!
  • Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Tell your instructor how you liked your new spot.
  • Any Social Media: Unless specified, can be any social media channel of your choice. Show us the post on your phone, or email us a link to it.
    • #why502py: Picture can be of anything, but preferably yoga related!
    • #yogafriends: Tag #502py in your picture!
    • Mask Up: Maybe include your favorite type of mask to practice in or why you appreciate the current masking rule.
    • Sticky Love: How far has your sticker traveled?