Pardon our dust, but we have a huge construction project taking off at 502 Power Yoga Highlands! Please bear with us over the next 6 weeks as we embark on a much-needed expansion.

A trip down memory lane

The 2nd floor of our building used to be 4 apartments, hence the big hallway down the middle with 4 doors. When we first opened in 2014, we only had the North side of the building—what was formerly 2 apartment units. We had a tiny lobby and a tiny studio space (which we still packed 35 people into… it was the Before Times).

full at yoga studio louisville ky
Full house, January 2015

We had no storage, spent $1000/month at a laundromat down the street, and had no good way to display merchandise.


We acquired one of the two units across the hall in 2016 — we finally had space for laundry, meetings, and storage! We called it the Annex. It served us well.

yoga studio office
The Annex before it became a “catch-all” disaster of a room. This space is now the Lobby.


We acquired the remaining unit on the 2nd floor of our building in 2018 and began moving office operations in there. This freed up the “Annex” to become the Lobby, which freed up the old lobby to become MORE STUDIO SPACE!

a contractor knocks down the wall between the old lobby and old studio space at 502 power yoga
The wall between original lobby and original studio comes down
the expanded studio space at yoga studio 502 power yoga
Lobby space turned Studio Space
a packed house at yoga studio 502 power yoga in louisville kentucky
Post-expansion class capacity = 48


There was this pandemic 😅 and after a few months of being closed, we opened back up with only 7 mat spots. SEVEN. Thank goodness we expanded in 2018.

pandemic times yoga with limited capacity at 502 power yoga
Seven mat spots. Not six. SEVEN.
building construction at the rear of the building
One good thing that came out of 2020 was that our rickety old stairs were finally replaced


We “expanded” capacity up to 22 last summer which felt so good after being so limited for so long. It’s hard to imagine ever having fit 48 people in that room 😅 Besides, where did everyone park?

This brings us to the present day: The time—and opportunity—to expand has come again!

High-Level Overview

  • Bigger lobby: The pandemic made it obvious we don’t need an entire office unit to work. So we’re merging the current office with the current lobby for one big lobby space!
  • So long, hallways! We will be knocking down the walls dividing the office/lobby from the hallway so when you walk in the back door, you’ll be walking into a big open lobby space!
  • New locker room/bathroom area: We’re building a locker room with toilets and changing rooms where the front desk currently is. Then we can remove the two bathrooms inside the studio space to make room for…
  • MORE PRACTICE SPACE. Our hope/plan is to expand our class capacity from 22 to 32! Exact numbers TBD.
  • Water bottle filling station: Finally, a place to fill out a water bottle that isn’t the bathroom sinks!
  • No, there won’t be showers 🙂

Construction Timeline & Impact on Classes

  1. Preliminary work – Happening now: Plumbing rough-in for future bathroom and utility sink in the laundry room. You may have heard some drilling today and yesterday—hopefully, the worst of it is over!
  2. Office Demo – July 18-22ish – This work will stay contained in the office and should not affect our operations at all.
  3. Move Lobby Operations to former Office Space – Late July: Once the office space renovation is complete, we will move lobby operations to that space, and close off the current lobby for demo!!!
  4. Current Lobby conversion to Locker Room – Late July: With lobby operations occurring in the old office space, the crew will build out the future bathroom / locker room and anything else specific to that space, while keeping it closed off from public use.
  5. Demo Wall between Office and Lobby to create our NEW LOBBY – early August. This might require canceling some classes but when it’s done our new lobby will be open and ready for you!
  6. Demo studio bathrooms – 2nd week of August. We will DEFINITELY need to close for a few days for this part, exact dates TBD.

Grand Re-Opening

The project is scheduled to be complete by September!!! We’ll have a Grand Reopening Celebration when everything is finished with throwback New Student Offers, membership deals, an Open House, and more! Stay tuned for details.

Thank you for your patience over the next 6 weeks. It will be SO WORTH IT! And hopefully, we’ll be done with any major projects for a while 😅😅😅😅


Cat Crawford
Owner & CEO, 502 Power Yoga