How is 502 Power Yoga’s Teacher Training different from others in Louisville?

by Cat Scott

There are now several places throughout Louisville you can get your 200 Hour Yoga Instructor Certification, so we thought we would explain how 502 Power Yoga’s Teacher Training differs from the other offerings in town:

  1. You will learn to teach a powerful yoga class.

    Maybe this seems like an obvious thing to learn in a Yoga Instructor training, but surprisingly many programs do not spend ANY time–as in zero hours–dedicated to standing in front a group of people and teaching a yoga sequence. We focus on Practice Teaching through many different scenarios and teach our trainees how to really see and connect with students.

  2. This is also a Leadership program.

    In order to stand up and lead a powerful yoga class, you have to drop anything that’s holding you back (fear, doubt, concern for looking good) so you can truly be present for your students. So in addition to learning anatomy, yoga philosophy, and a power yoga sequence, you will spend a portion of the training digging deep to uncover your truest, most authentic self so you can lead from that place.

  3. It isn’t just about teaching a yoga class.

    The discoveries you make about yourself will lead to powerful changes outside of the classroom as well. We’ve seen graduates of our program go on to start their own businesses, begin exciting new relationships, make huge career shifts, deepen bonds with family members, clean up messes with old friends, embark on exciting new endeavors that have always seemed a little scary… I could go on and on. Several graduates of our program choose not to teach yoga but now have the tools and the strength to create the shift in their lives to live authentically and happily.

  4. It’s really f*!&ing hard.

    You will sweat and cry, have breakdowns and breakthroughs, and will be pushed to your edge physically and emotionally. And that’s why this program is so effective. Baron Baptiste says in his book, 40 Days to a Personal Revolution:

    “The question isn’t will I survive if I step out of my comfort zone…it’s will I survive my comfort zone?”