Sober 3 monthsMindful Sobriety

by Cat Scott

Will I ever drink again?
Not sure.

Do I miss IPA’s and red wine?

Do I like the way I feel when I’m not drinking?

Over the past year, I’ve been paying attention to why I choose alcohol, and I noticed a pattern: It was often when I wanted to escape; “go under;” or put on a facade so the real me could go hide for a bit. I was grabbing a bottle of red at the first sign of stress or overwhelm. I was on anti-anxiety drugs and wanting to go off of them. I was waking up in desperate need of caffeine because of my alcohol intake the night before, and the caffeine was contributing to the anxiety as well. It was a vicious cycle and I wanted it to stop.

I’m not sure if I’m an alcoholic. I don’t go to meetings. I feel a little guilty about how easy it was for me to give it up. Or was it actually the past 10 years of practicing mindfulness that created this possibility? Because when I think about it, the tools I have to give up alcohol are the same as the tools I practice on my mat: The art of turning inward and noticing what I truly need, questioning “why” every time I have a craving, choosing to stay when the going gets tough.

I’m off my anti-anxiety meds, and my caffeine intake is WAY down. Next move: Quit over-indulging on sugar.

Maybe it isn’t alcohol you want to give up. Maybe it’s carbs, or an unhealthy relationship, or picking at your fingernails. What do you want to give up that isn’t serving you? What can you pull from your yoga toolbox to help you accomplish giving that up?

Cat Scott is the owner of 502 Power Yoga and hasn’t had a drink since Thanksgiving 2017.