Starting Monday, March 29th, we’ll be using a fancy-schmancy system that will automatically email you a link to the virtual classes you know and love (those aren’t changing!)

We will now be sending emails only—we are losing the ability to send SMS links automatically, unfortunately. 

The class link emails will come from [502 Power Yoga] It’s possible your email will initially filter these messages as Spam, so to avoid this, please add and in your contacts. 

These emails will be sent 30 minutes before the class starts. If you sign up in that 30-minute window before class, you’ll get the email within a couple of minutes of registration. All you need to do to join the class is click on the Click Here to Join button in the email.

Troubleshooting for no email link:

  • Check spam or junk folder
  • Add “” and “” to your contacts
  • Search for the class title in ALL MAIL, not just INBOX (ex: “Power Vinyasa Yoga”)
  • Do a more specific search ex: “Link for Power Vinyasa 502 Power Yoga”

Please keep in mind that email delays are a thing and depend on your email provider. For the most part, emails are usually sent and received within minutes, but delays can happen that are beyond our control.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for your patience, resilience, and presence within our community! 


Cat Crawford, owner