We have lots of exciting changes happening this Fall at 502 Power Yoga! In this article you’ll find:

Keep reading for all the details, and/or download a printer-friendly version of our October 2022 schedule here.

Four new yoga classes at the East End

We are excited to be adding 4 new yoga classes to the schedule at our East End Yoga Studio!

  1. Tuesday 9:30–10:30 AM Slow Flow with Lauren Quaife
  2. Wednesday 9:30–10:30 AM Power Vinyasa Yoga with Savannah Schenck (a new teacher!)
  3. Thursday 9:30–10:30 AM Power Vinyasa Yoga with Rachel Kulp
  4. Sunday 11:00–12:00 PM Slow Flow with Caroline Weatherford (another new teacher!)

Class Tweaks at the Highlands

  • Our Thursday 9:30 AM class with Cami will now be Slow Flow and will still be magical and blissful ✨
  • Our Sunday 9:30 AM Beginner Class will now be Renew & Release with Courtney Stine (yet another new teacher!).

But what beginner-friendly classes are available? All of them! If you can breathe, you can do yoga. Just show up and do your best. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you catch on.

Chair Yoga classes moving to Omies

We are discontinuing our chair yoga programming at 502 Power Yoga due to two key factors: 

  • Attendance has been too low post-pandemic to sustain the offering
  • Darsi, our chair yoga champion and teacher of 8 years, is taking an indefinite break from teaching to care for her family 😭💗

Fortunately, our friends at Omies, just a few doors down from us in the Douglass Loop, have the capacity to move classes to their studio at a more user-friendly time: 12:00PM!

Changes to Livestream Schedule

We know that virtual classes have been essential to so many throughout the pandemic. Being able to attend live with an instructor and other students provides accountability and structure which is essential in maintaining a disciplined practice, and the flexibility of having classes on the go has become a convenience we have come to depend on. We want to continue to support our students in their yoga practice, but we also need to do what’s best for the longevity of the business as a whole!  

Therefore, effective October 1st, we are discontinuing the “Virtual Only” classes. These are the classes our teachers have been teaching from their homes (7:15 AM Power Vinyasas and 8:00 AM meditation). The attendance has dropped significantly to the point we can no longer sustain that offering. We are NOT discontinuing all virtual classes; we will continue to Livestream the following in-studio classes:  

  • 12:15 PM Monday Power Vinyasa with Cat (45min)
  • 12:15 PM Tuesday Power Vinyasa with Stephanie (45min)
  • 7:45 PM Tuesday Renew & Release with Chloe (60min)
  • 12:15 PM Wednesday Power Vinyasa with Chloe (45min)
  • 12:15 PM Thursday Power Vinyasa with Stephanie (45min)
  • 8:00 AM Sunday Power Vinyasa with Kelli (60 min)

AND we have a HUGE library of over 250 classes in our On-Demand Library. We add fresh classes to this library about once a week. They do not live inside the Walla App; you must access them through a browser. 

Thanks for your continued support!!!