Be a Yes

It’s possible you’ve heard “Be a YES” during a class at 502 Power Yoga. It’s one of the three themes of Baptiste Yoga, and it’s an important foundation that our business and culture has been built on.

When you’re a YES for something, it means you are all in. You are committed to doing what it takes to make that thing happen. It’s about attitude: Do you inherently say “no” when your alarm goes off in the morning? Or do you jump out of bed rearing to go? When you choose YES to your day, you are saying NO to the extra sleep, and it allows you to then enter into the day from a space of positivity instead of resistance.

And that’s how it works: When you choose to be a YES for something, you are inherently a NO for something else. It’s impossible to be a YES for all things. You can’t say yes to every single volunteer opportunity from your kid’s school, or every committee at your company, or to every available cat at the Purrfect Day Cafe.

In order to be a powerful YES, you have to have the courage to say NO when needed.

It is this concept that has led us to the difficult decision to put a “pause” on in-studio classes at our Jeffersonville studio. We have to be a “no” for that space right now so we can be a “YES” for the business as a whole.

We simply do not have the bandwidth to maintain operations in that studio with the sparse attendance we’ve seen over the winter.

This does not mean we are closing Jeffersonville for good. Right now, we are just conserving our team’s energy and our resources to get through what is hopefully the final haul of this pandemic. 

All of Jeffersonville’s current classes will move to our other two studios (details below) effective March 1st, 2021.

With vaccinations happening, case numbers descending, schools reopening, and the new Bolt+Tie development opening next door very soon, we are hopeful we can re-open stronger than ever in the summer, as a YES to our Southern Indiana community!

Class Changes:

  • All weekday lunchtime classes will move to the Highlands
  • Evening classes will move to East End and will begin at 6:00PM to be consistent with the other class start times there
  • Saturday morning classes will move to the Highlands with the following Saturday morning lineup change:
    • 7:30–8:30 YOD with Melissa
    • 9:15–10:15 Power Vinyasa with Melissa
    • 11:00–12:00 Slow Flow with Joycie

As always, thank you for your continued support, and you can email us with questions/comments/compliments at

-Cat Crawford, owner