Re-cap of the September Sunrise Challenge

by Becca Washer


The 2nd Annual September Sunrise Challenge kicked off on Tuesday, September 1st at 6am. From two classes a week last year, to five this year, the odds were stacked against us for a perfect record, but the 502PY students stepped up in a BIG way. We started off with so many people that there were four yogis practicing in the lobby!

sunrise yoga 502 power yoga

There was a magic in the room that you could feel as soon as you open the door. Eyes may have been a little red and there were some yawns during the Sun Salutations, but behind those heavy eyelids was a twinkle. A twinkle that only a sticker chart a commitment and follow-through could provide.

This year, there were SIX CHAMPIONS!! Six “bright eyed and sweaty tailed” yogis attended every weekday morning 5:45 am or 6 am class in September. That is dedication, my friends. I am in awe of those who did not sleep through their alarms–not even once! In addition to those who made it to every class, there were 11 yogis who made it to 15 or more classes to earn a September Sunrise shirt.

Winners of the September Sunrise Challenge

  1. Suzanne
  2. Kristen
  3. Nicole
  4. Rebecca
  5. Ashley
  6. Maria (who had to be photoshopped in–Sunrise yogis often have to scoot off for work as soon as class ends) 
We had a drawing to determine the winner of the Lululemon gift card and the lucky winner is NICOLE!!! 
These yogis attended the 15 minimum classes required to earn a sunrise challenge shirt– some were only one or two classes away from being a champion: Liz Cull, Ellen Green, Heidi Stenson, Susie Pope, Baely Talley, Becca Washer, Jay MacGregor, Melanie Blake, Valeria Aramburu, Drew Smith and Matt Rocker.  Congratulations to all of you who participated!
Consider this your personal invitation to participate in the next 502 Power Yoga challenge, whatever that looks like. Even if you think you might not succeed, there is so much more than winning at stake (fun, friends, lots of yoga, maybe stickers) – and that is coming from one of the most competitive people you will ever meet.