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On-Demand Class FAQ

How long will I have access to the class?
Once you click on a class, you will have access to that class for 30 days, or until it “expires” (which is 30 days from the class recording)—whichever happens first.
Will accessing these classes deduct a class from my class pack?

If you have a Studio Class Pack (5, 10, etc.), and no other Virtual Class Pack on your account, every click will deduct a class! Please purchase a Virtual Class Package to access these classes (each click = one class).

Am I able to access these classes with my 4x Membership?
Effective Summer 2021, all of our 4x Members have UNLIMITED access to virtual classes!!! Click away on all of the on-demand options with no concern for your Studio Class Passes.
The links are showing up (underlined, clickable) but nothing happens when I click?

It’s very likely pop-ups are blocked in your browser. Consult Google for instructions on enabling pop-ups for the browser and device you are using.

None of the class names are showing up as clickable (underlined) links?

This means you don’t have a package on your account that covers On-Demand access. Please click here to purchase a Virtual Yoga Class Package, then return to this page to see ALL the links!!!!

Why are some links red?
Red links are classes that you have already “paid” for. If you have an unlimited membership, this doesn’t really mean anything except to show you which class you’ve already taken 🙂 If you have a “limited” class pack (5, 10, etc), the red links are the ones you purchased, and you will have access to them until they expire.