So you want to go to Baptiste Level One training

More and more of our community members are expressing interest in attending a Level One Training so we wanted to gather some information to provide to anyone else considering attending this powerful training:

What is Level One Training?

Level One is a weeklong, 100-hour, intensive Teacher Training led by the Baptiste Institute. However, as the Baptiste Institute says: “This program is not so much about ‘how to teach yoga,’ but rather it is about ‘what principles and practices to teach’ and ‘where to think and teach from’ within yourself.” What this means, in short, is that it is a journey of self-inquiry and deep-diving into yourself to develop the tools to become a powerful leader and creator of your life.

Cat with new Baptiste Buddy, Jayne

Why would you attend Baptiste Level One Training?

Level One is a major time (a full week) and financial commitment (depending on housing, around $3,000), but it is a life-changer! Let us count the ways:

  • Connection: You’ll meet people that you’ll be friends with for years to come. If you are lucky enough to travel to a program with another Louisville yogi, you will become more closely connected to them.
  • Get Away: The facilities for Baptiste week-long trainings are remote. You have a week to totally disrupt business-as-usual to focus on personal growth.
  • Transform your Physical Practice: By the end of the week, you will be physically capable of so much more than you were on day one. I experienced this for myself when I suddenly started doing forearm stand, and have heard this from every other participant I’ve talked to.
  • Transform your Relationships: You will do some challenging and powerful inquiry (journaling) work to help you see where you can be a better partner, daughter, father, boss, employee, etc. Ultimately, you’ll get clear on how to be a more impactful leader of your life.

    Breakfast at Menla

  • Eat Great Food: Nothing processed, low sugar, tons of vegetarian and vegan options. The best part: you don’t have to cook or do dishes. However, you will want to wean yourself off sugar and coffee before you go…
  • Do you want to teach yoga? Then you’re on the path to certification. This is just the first 100 hours of a 200-hour Teaching Certificate. While practice teaching occurs during the training, our experience has been that you will not be prepared to step in front of a classroom and teach a powerful class after just attending this training.

But what if I’m not ready?

Oh, but you are ready if you have a willingness to do some hard work—mentally and physically. You do not need to be an “advanced yogi” or in perfect condition to do this. In my trainings, I have practiced alongside a guy with a broken collarbone, a pregnant woman, and an older gentleman with limited mobility. All ages. All walks of life. All shapes and sizes.

A day in the life:

One day of training goes something like this:

  • Meditation & Discussion
  • Workshopping
  • Practice
  • Lunch break with homework to do with your small group
  • Lecture/Discussion/Activity
  • Practice Teaching
  • Dinner break with more small group work
  • Return for more lecture, an activity, or practice
  • Home for more homework and hopefully a little sleeping.

The Application & Interview

The application process is long and tedious but pretty simple. Give yourself 15-20 minutes to complete the whole thing. Keep your answers concise and to the point; they do not need full essays! Be sure to select 502 Power Yoga as your home studio! You’ll pay your registration fee after you apply ($500) so be ready for that. I believe you will also specify your rooming preference, but this can be changed after the fact with a quick call to someone at the Baptiste Institute; they are very friendly.

502PY yogis with Baron Baptiste

There will be an interview a few weeks after you apply. Again, it’s about 15 minutes and is short, simple, and sweet. As someone told me when I was interviewing, “They just want to make sure you’re a real human.”

How do I come up with the money for the balance?

At the time of this writing, The Baptiste Institute requires a $500 deposit along with your application, and the remaining balance is due in two installments, paid in full before the program start date. Ideas for funding the training:

  • Start a “Gofundme” — You’d be surprised who is willing to help support your personal development!
  • Pick up shifts waiting tables, tending bar, mowing lawns….
  • Start selling junk around your house that you don’t need
  • Pick up Amazon Flex shifts
  • Put it on a rewards credit card!

What should I take with me?

The Institute requires that you bring a mat, water bottle, towels, block, strap, and journal+pen. We would like to add:

  • Instant coffee (if you must have caffeine)
  • WAY more yoga clothes than you think you will need. You will use two outfits per day.
  • Multiple Mat towels. You will sweat a LOT. Ask around to borrow a few from people at the studio so you can have at least 3. Keep in mind that you will be using other peoples’ mats during partner work, and other people will be using yours!
  • Clothesline and clothing pins to hang clothes to dry; not necessary if you don’t mind having sweaty clothes draped over every inch of furniture in your room.
  • Liquid bandaid
  • Gatorade packets
  • Other suggestions depending on location and time of year:
    • Hiking boots or sandals for the walk to and from the training facility
    • Headlamp for walking at night
    • Raincoat
    • Layers

Are you ready now? Learn more about Baptiste Level One training here and see when and where the next program(s) are being offered. Make sure you select 502 Power Yoga as your home studio when you are registering! Have more questions? Comment below or send an email to

Written by Cat Scott, owner of 502 Power Yoga and Certified Baptiste Instructor. Cat attended Level One in 2014, Level Two in 2015, and Level Three in 2017, all at Menla Retreat Center in Phoenicia, New York. Cat is pictured here after a sweaty final practice at Level Three.