We have a truly amazing problem: Our studio classes are selling out, and they’re selling out FAST. The thing is: There is almost always 1-2 spots open in every class! What can we do, and what can YOU do, to ensure everyone who wants to practice can?

1. We increased capacity.

We re-measured and re-taped our Highlands and East End studios. We are still meeting the social distancing requirements required by the state of Kentucky AND we were able to fit several more mats in each location! We hope that this change alone helps to meet the demand for our studio classes!

Be on the lookout for our capacity across studios increasing even more when we reopen Jeffersonville in June 😉

2. Get on the waitlist.

If you see your favorite class is already sold out, get on the waitlist! People’s schedules are constantly changing and we have seen that about 95% of people on the waitlist end up getting into a class. The likelihood increases the earlier you get on the list.

BUT! Please don’t add yourself to every waitlist just in case! Only put yourself on the waitlist if you intend on attending should a spot open.

Should your schedule change and you know you won’t be able to attend that class: Please cancel your waitlist reservation!

3. Become one of those spontaneous people

The way our waitlist works, the three hours before a class begins is like the wild west. If someone cancels in that window, yogis on the waitlist will not automatically be added to the class, which means anyone can snag the open spot, jumping in front of the waitlisted folks.

This isn’t ideal, but we haven’t figured out a better system to manage this, so it is what it is for now. Want to attend the epic 90-minute 7:30 AM Sunday class with the amazing Cat (who just so happens to be writing this)? Set your alarm for 6:30 and look to see if a spot is available. The likelihood of that happening is high. This goes for all early morning classes!

4. Tune in virtually

We are currently live-streaming most of our in-studio classes, so even if you can’t attend in person, you can be a part of the action from home! We have plenty of space virtually and would love to see you!

As always, let us know if you have any questions. You can comment below or email us at namaste@502poweryoga.com!