Tonight we hosted an Info Session for our 2024 Tulum Yoga Retreat! Here is a recap of the items covered in our meeting:

Dates & Travel Info

Retreat Dates:

Feb 17-21, 2024


Fly into the Cancun airport no later than February 17th by mid-afternoon. It takes about 2 hours to travel from the airport to the retreat center (more on that below) and we want people to arrive at Amansala by dinnertime for our arrival cocktail and evening yoga session!

Q: Are there any other airport options?

A: Not that we know of!

Q: What airline should we take?

A: Probably not Spirit because it is historically unreliable! Cat loves Southwest but they do not release their flights for February until this July so we don’t know what our options are yet.

Q: Where will be staying?

A: Amansala Retreat Center in Quintana Roo

Q: How will we get from the airport to Amansala?

A: This service is not included in the price of the trip since everyone will have different flight itineraries. AND we will try to all sync up to be able to carpool together because it will be significantly cheaper. Amansala will coordinate airport transfer. The prices are as follows (prices are for each way):

  • Private transfer $185
  • 2 people sharing 90 each
  • 3 people sharing $70 each
  • 4 people sharing $60 each
  • 5 people sharing $50
  • 6 plus $45


The food will be fresh Mexican food—think fresh fruit, locally caught fish, homemade tortillas, and more. Meals will be served buffet style.

Q: How will food allergies/aversions/preferences be handled?

A: We will communicate all dietary preferences with Amansala upon the booking of your room so they are aware and they will connect you directly with a chef who can cater to your needs.


All of the details of the rooms can be found on our yoga retreat details webpage.

Q: How do we go about actually BOOKING our room?

A: When the retreat enrollment goes live at 10AM on Friday, June 2nd, you will have access to a simple form that Stephanie and Cat will use to coordinate all bookings. On this form, you will indicate your first choice of rooms, and just in case that isn’t available, your 2nd choice. You will also indicate your roommate choice and any dietary restrictions. Every Enrollment Request will be timestamped and honored in the order it was received.

Q: When will we know what room we got?

A: We will try to get back to you within just a few hours of your submission, but we are only human, and we expect a lot of requests to come in at once! At MAX you might need to wait 24 hours for a response/confirmation from us. In some situations, we may need to contact the retreat center to request additional rooms for our group, but we will communicate with you that we are waiting on that.

Q: What if I make a new yoga bestie and want to change my room reservation to be with them?

A: Anything is possible. Email us. We will figure it out together and will adjust your payments as needed.

Q: Can I come early or stay late?

A: Yes! There is no official way to request this, and we assume most people won’t know that they’ll do this until later in the year, so don’t worry about that detail when making your initial booking. Whenever you are ready let us know what you would like to do and we will help coordinate it with the retreat center!


A $500 non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve your room. This will be paid through Walla on your preferred card on file (we’ll confirm with you before we charge anything). The balance will be paid via a 6-month payment plan. Again, we will work with you on these details before we set anything up. For example, if the room is $3500, there will be a $500 deposit due upon booking on June 2nd. The remaining $3000 would be paid in monthly 6 monthly installments of $500 on July 1st, August 1st, etc. until the balance is paid in full. The dates are somewhat flexible. We just need the payments to be paid in full by December 31st, 2023.

Cancelation Policy

A full refund, less your deposit, will be granted if cancelation is received in writing before January 1st, 2024. No refunds will be given if a cancellation is made on or after January 1st, 2024.


What other questions do you have?