Hot Hot Heat Sale

Hot Hot Heat Sale!

Friday, July 5th - Friday, July 12th


I already have a membership… can I switch to a discounted membership?

YES! However, if you purchase the discounted membership, your old membership will NOT automatically cancel. In order to prevent duplicate memberships, complete a Membership Change request form, select “Change,” select “Unlimited” as the one you want to move to, and put “Hot Hot Heat” as your reason for the change.

Does the discount apply to just one membership payment, or all payments?

The discounted rate applies to the lifetime of your Unlimited Membership. The discount for the Hot Hot Heat sale does NOT transfer to the 4x or 8x memberships.

Can I apply my Gratitude discount to this sale?

NO—these are the lowest prices we can offer. We cannot go any lower!

Will the Paid-in-Full Memberships auto-renew?

They will not auto-renew. However, if you would like to re-up your paid-in-full membership when it expires, we will honor the discounted rate for your renewal.

Why don't I see the discounted price when I click on the "Buy Now" button?

The Hot Hot Heat Sale discount will not show up until you enter the promo code during checkout after you have logged in.

Can I start my membership on a future date?

Yes! During checkout, you will be given the option to select a custom Start Date for your package.