Do yoga. Feel good.

See if the vibe at 502PY is a fit for you.

I’m New To Yoga!

Where do I begin?

This time of year, most of the emails, phone calls, and conversations behind the desk start with,

“I’m new to yoga. Where do I begin?”

It’s simple: Just show up

All of our classes at 502 Power Yoga are designed for all levels, but the thing that will make your first visit to a yoga studio easy is our welcoming staff, judgment-free practice space, and friendly community!

We hear over and over again from our clients is that the best part of our yoga studio is the community that exists. This isn’t just a place to go get a workout–this is a place to connect with like-minded individuals who are looking for something more.

Try our New Student Introductory Package to see what it’s all about.

What should I expect?

  • A warm welcome. Someone will be at the front desk (or nearby!) to welcome you.
  • A lobby space for stuff. Place your belongings in the cubby holes. Leave your shoes in the lobby under the benches or in cubbies.
  • A bright and friendly yoga studio. Make your way into the studio and lay your mat down. Grab a strap and a block and make yourself comfortable. Introduce yourself to your neighbor.
  • Each class will begin and end with one or three Oms.
  • A locked door…If you are late. We do not allow entry to the lobby or studio after class has begun.
  • Heat. The studio will be heated between 87-90º .
  • Assisting Consent Cards Teachers may come by to help you find your fullest expression of a pose. Our consent cards mean you’re always in control if you don’t want to be touched.
  • Applause. Because you deserve to be recognized for the hard work you put in
  • In the Highlands, a small parking lot behind the studio. This lot fills quickly (it’s off the alley that runs between Douglass and Harvard) so save yourself some time by parking on neighborhood streets and walking a block or two.

New Student FAQ

What makes it “Power” Yoga?
Power Yoga is a style of yoga that raises the bar on the physicality of the yoga practice as an access to personal growth and transformation. The classes are definitely more of a “workout” than what a lot of people think of when they think of “yoga,” but there is also a lot of freedom and permission for everyone to create their practice exactly as they need it—rest when needed, modify when needed, even add on fancy stuff when needed—so all levels can practice in the same class. It’s fun, it’s hard, it’s inspiring, and it offers all the same physical and mental benefits from yoga through the focused attention and breath cultivated in class.
I’m brand new to yoga. Where should I begin?

We’ve created an environment at 502PY where new and experienced students can practice in the same room. We recommend trying as many of our class formats as possible to see what your favorite is! That’s why we offer our new students 30 Days of unlimited yoga for only $38!

How much does it cost?

New students can try 30 Days for only $45!

After that, we offer a variety of membership tiers and class packages to fit every budget and commitment level.

How do I sign up for classes?
Walla makes it easy to reserve your spot in a class and manage your reservations.
What do I need to bring/wear?

A good attitude, sense of humor, and a willingness to get a little messy! Oh, and a yoga mat, towel, and bottle of water. Don’t have any yoga equipment yet? No worries—we have mat and towel rentals available in the studio.

What if I can’t attend a class I signed up for?
Please cancel your reservation by logging into your account. Space is limited! and we charge a fee for No Shows!
What classes are for beginners?

Anyone can step into any class on our schedule. Our teachers are well trained to teach to who is in the room and offer more instruction and guidance if they have someone brand new, without interrupting the flow and pace of their class for the more experienced students. Our Friday Flows are set to music and minimally cued, so if it’s your very first time doing yoga we recommend trying one of our Power Vinyasa classes first. Whatever you choose, just let the teacher know you’re new and they’ll help you through!

How many classes do I need to take before I can step into a regular class?
You are ready NOW to step into a Power Vinyasa class, even if you’ve never stepped foot on a yoga mat before. Our sequence is pretty consistent from class to class so after 3-4 classes, you will start to get the swing of it. We like to tell brand new students that they’ll be fine as long as they check their ego at the door!
Where do I need to put my mat?

We know new students sometimes like to watch others practicing to see how to do the poses (the instructor does not practice). The middle of the room is ideal to be able to see someone no matter what direction you’re facing, but new students tend to prefer the back! Wherever you decide to unroll your mat, you’ll want to center the top of it behind one of the blue dots on the studio floor.

Looking for more info?


I’ve been to a lot of great yoga studios and gyms in the Louisville area but none compare to 502 Power Yoga. It truly feels like home. Within the first few times, I attended class there, Kelly at the front desk had learned my name and greeted me like an old friend. Everyone, there is friendly and welcoming making it truly feel like a community rather than just a place to work out. The classes are challenging but all the teachers are very knowledgeable and offer modifications so it’s accessible to anyone. They also offer a lot of workshops, challenges, and other fun events too. The work they do with Kentucky Yoga Initiative and bringing yoga to the community is inspiring. I would recommend 502 Power Yoga to anyone!

Nicole Wiseman

The only thing I would change about 502 Yoga is that I wish I would’ve started going sooner!! This place is so welcoming with friendly instructors, a warm (both literally and figuratively 🙂 environment, and in such a great location.
I’ve been doing yoga for decades but, during COVID my home practice quickly went from 45 min to 30min to 15 to 10min, until finally, it was down to just a sad couple of downward dogs😂 I am so happy to regain my practice while making new friends at this fantastic studio which also happens to draw a variety of clientele, from beginners to advanced, and ALL super friendly! I always leave smiling, laughing, and ready for whatever the day has to bring! Thank you 502 Yoga!!!

Larkin Bohn

I have LOVED my experience with 502 Power Yoga. From morning YOD to vinyasa flow, the classes have been both challenging and beneficial to my practice. The team at 502 is so welcoming and friendly, I felt like I had been a member for years after my first week. The encouraging atmosphere and friendly faces will keep me coming back time and time again!

Megan Powers

I enjoy knowledgeable, encouraging, upbeat instructors that keep the classes flowing. The sense of community within each class is uplifting. I appreciate the work on breath, balance, and flexibility. I’ve traveled quite a bit and visited studios in several other locales, and find that 502 Power Yoga is unique in many ways, including our flexible floor and the variety of classes offered daily. I LOVE 502 Power Yoga!

Kathy Williams

There are so many things I like about this studio… the first is the people. The welcoming m, supportive, motivating, loving people who are there. Not just the instructiors, but the other people in the classes who support each other and really connect to build a community. The studio is a beautiful place, always inviting, clean, and easy to navigate. The classes are challenging, but I always know to meet myself where I am and do my best. No judgment or whatever. This is just a great place to focus on myself and it helps me feel good on so many levels.

Holly Sadowski