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About 502 Power Yoga

Owner Cat Crawford had been introduced to an intense, physical asana practice at Santa Monica Power Yoga while living in Los Angeles between 2006-2010. Upon moving back to her hometown of Louisville, Cat began a search for Power Yoga classes around town and found nothing by that name. After dabbling in just about every style of yoga possible and becoming certified to teach, she found that nothing was leaving her as lit up and wrung out as her classes at Santa Monica Power Yoga. So Cat turned to the internet to get her power fix and incorporated what she was learning into the classes she taught. She quickly earned a following for her unique style of Vinyasa class and it became clear that the Louisville yoga community needed a studio dedicated to that specific style. But plans for 502 Power Yoga were not fully formed until a fellow Power Yoga teacher named Sarah Smith moved to Louisville looking for the same thing; a yoga studio dedicated to the practice of Power Vinyasa Yoga. A partnership was born, and on February 8, 2013, 502 Power Yoga held their very first class.

Since our foundation, we have trained over 100 teachers, opened additional studios (plus a virtual studio!), and powerful Vinyasa Yoga classes are no longer hard to find. Cat took over full ownership in 2017 and remains committed to creating an environment where all are welcome, all are challenged, and all leave feeling lit up and wrung out.

What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is a physically challenging breath-based yoga flow practice that invites students to step out of their comfort zone to discover what they are capable of on and off their yoga mat. It promotes strength, confidence, empowerment, and all the neurological, mental, and physical benefits of a mindful yoga practice.

The classes are definitely more of a “workout” than what a lot of people think of when they think of “yoga,” but there is also a lot of freedom and permission for everyone to create their practice exactly as they need it—rest when needed, modify when needed, even add on fancy stuff when needed—so all levels can practice in the same class.

This practice is for you if:

💪 You want more than “just stretching”
😵‍💫 Your nervous system needs a reboot
🤸🏻‍♀️ You’re willing to try new things
😅 A little sweat doesn’t scare you
👯‍♀️ You appreciate community and accountability
🙏 You are open to the possibility of transformation
✌️ You’re cool with a yoga practice being fun, playful, and vibrant

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