Waitlist Closing Window is now 1 HOUR

We have an incredible problem: Several of our classes sell out resulting in students landing on a waitlist. We tweaked the policy recently to be a bit more forgiving for y’all and thought it would be a good time to refresh you on how exactly the Wait List works and answer any questions you might have.

The “Waitlist Closing Window” is now one hour.

When you are in position #1 on the waitlist for a class, you will be automatically added to that class if a spot opens UP TO ONE HOUR before class. Example: Class is at 9:30 AM. You are #1 on the waitlist. Someone cancels their reservation at 8:15 AM. You would automatically be added to the class. But, if the cancelation occurs at 8:35 AM, even if you are #1 on the Waitlist, you will NOT be automatically added to the class.

What happens in that one-hour window before class?

Since no one will automatically be added to class If a spot opens up in this 1-hour window, the spot will remain open until someone—anyone—snags it in the Walla App or online.

This is meant to benefit those on the waitlist: You will have at least a one-hour heads-up to boogie to the studio.

However, it also means that you will NOT automatically get added to the class even if you are #1 on the waitlist and someone cancels their spot 45 minutes before class. Someone else could swoop in and claim that spot. if you don’t make it off the waitlist and you’re still interested in class, check back within an hour before class—a spot may have opened up. If you never made a reservation for a popular class, that one-hour window might be when you can slide into the roster!

So why not make the “Waitlist Closing Window” 15 minutes before class?

Because we want to ensure students on the Waitlist have enough of a heads-up to get to class without risking a no-show fee. Finding out you are off the waitlist and in class 15 minutes before class begins doesn’t even allow time for the commute for most of us!

How will I know I am in class and off the Waitlist?

If you move off the Waitlist and onto the class roster, you will receive a message from us (based on your preferred communication settings; email or SMS), alerting you that you’re in! If you have no communications turned on, you will need to manually check the Walla App or your account online to see the status of your reservation. While you’re there, turn on SMS notifications under “Your Profile!”

Will I get a penalty if I get added to a class but don’t show up?

Yes. If you are on the waitlist, even if you are #15, you should treat that time as reserved and plan to be in attendance. Since our Late Cancel Policy is generous (only 2 hours), the class roster can move quickly in the 12 hours leading up to class. If you know you will not be attending class, please cancel your waitlist reservation. If you are added to the class but do not attend, a no-show fee of $10 will be added to your account.

We strive to make things as user-friendly, fair, and intuitive as possible. This, as with any of our other Studio Policies, are subject to change based on student feedback and staffing needs. As always, post any comments or questions below, or email the studio directly. Thank you for being a member of our community!