Coming Soon: YOD1 and YOD2 Offerings

Can you believe we have offered YOD at 502 Power Yoga for over a year?!?! We have witnessed yogis transform from YOD newbies to YOD experts, and to better accommodate this wide range of YOD experience across our community, we are going to now offer YOD1 and YOD2 classes:

YOD at 502 Power YogaYOD1

YOD1 classes will be very similar to what our classes have been in the past: Class will begin with a 5-7 overview of the exercises included in today’s YOD workout. The YOD portion of the class will be a little shorter than what it has been in the past to allow more time for warmup and cool down.

Classes becoming YOD1 are:

  • Thursday 6:15PM in Jeffersonville
  • Friday 6:00PM in the Highlands
  • Wednesday 9:15AM in the Highlands, which will now begin at 9:00 and end at 10:15 to allow even MORE time for instruction, warmup, and cool down.


YOD2 classes will NOT have an exercise overview at the beginning of class. The instructor will move about the space to help students who are brand new, but ideally, a student has attended a handful of YOD1 classes before attending YOD2.

Classes becoming YOD2:

  • Monday 3:30PM in the Highlands
  • Tuesday 4:45PM in the Highlands
  • Wednesday 6:00AM in the Highlands
  • Friday 5:45AM in Jeffersonville
  • Saturday 7:30AM in the Highlands

YOD Yoga Teacher Training at 502 Power YOgaWant to teach YOD?

We are very excited to be hosting the creators of YOD for YOD Level 1 Teacher Training at 502 Power Yoga. This training is open to current yoga instructors or those enrolled in an upcoming Yoga Teacher Training (how convenient that our 2018-2019 Yoga Teacher Training is scheduled??).

Still wondering what the heck YOD even is?

Our YOD classes at 502 Power Yoga are best described as a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sandwiched inside a Power Yoga class. It is designed to hit every aspect of your physical fitness while creating mindfulness, and awareness of your body. It incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, speed, power, endurance, agility, and coordination. YOD stands for Your Own Determination (and Yoga of the Day, a nod to our friends in CrossFit who have “WOD’s,” or Workout of the Day). Your Own Determination means that you get to decide the intensity level of your practice. Students are encouraged to move at their own pace and focus on quality over quantity. The spirit of the class is fun, playful, messy, and is not fierce or competitive.

Jamie YODSample YOD Class Structure

  • 20-minute Power Yoga Warm-up
    • Sun salutations A & B to fully warm up the body
    • Active poses within a flowing sequence
    • Set intentions and build community
  • 25-minute Strength and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
    • Work your upper body, lower body, and core individually and together
    • Learn how to integrate exercises into full body movements (compound movements)
    • Use your own body weight and focused attention to experience the full expression of each exercise
  • 15-minute cooldown and savasana
    • Restorative yoga postures designed to bring the body back to a balanced state
    • Acknowledge and appreciate the resilience and strength of your being
    • Rest and relax in savasana so you leave class feeling fully rejuvenated

YOD Testimonials

“Since 502 started YOD, it has become my favorite. YOD is the best part of yoga with a bonus HIIT class in the middle, then add in my YOD Family… WINNING. Nothing but fun, laughter, sweat while working every muscle. ALL the love for YOD.” —Meghan

“I love going to YOD!! I Iove the music, the cameraderie of the group, the intensity, it’s a great boost to my normal Vinyasa Flow class. I feel stronger and empowered every time I’m done.” —Angelique

“YOD is an intense workout leaving you sore for days and stronger for a lifetime in a judgement free zone.” —Danae

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