“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” ~Marianne Williamson

radical revolution illustration by cat scott

Our 2018 40 Days to a Personal Revolution graphic was inspired by punk artwork of the 90’s. Kelly had the concept, Cat Scott executed the artwork.

Often I find myself coming back to this quote and to my concept of fear, as well as, my belief surrounding what I’m capable of in this world. This quote also comes to mind each time I see the hashtag for 40 days to personal revolution program: #RadicalRevolution. There’s something raw, visceral, and gut-punching about those two words placed side-by-side. It’s the same gut punch I experience when I read Marianne Williamson’s words. Her words tell me that my fear is actually tied to how powerful I am; a power untapped, unrealized. The radical revolution is realizing this power, tapping into it, and creating change. I get glimpses of the innate power that we all have when I’m in the presence of others who are truly expressing themselves in a way that is unique and authentic to them. Every time I visit an art museum, listen to live music, walk through a forest; I experience the same guttural response. This guttural response started when I was a kid witnessing my mom draw my portrait on a dry-erase board in our kitchen. She seemed like magic to me and watching her draw thin and thick black lines that added up to my likeness sparked my curiosity and my desire to create in the same way. This guttural response has not lessened as I’ve aged, but rather it continues to grow louder and urge me on, sometimes gently and sometimes rather insistently.

This guttural response tells me there is something more, something bigger in myself that I need to tap into and that I need to start listening to so I can step into my power. It tells me that I’m holding back.

kelly meadwayBut it is not enough just to know this, to have this gut reaction. I must do the work of uncovering my own raw, creative, and fully authentic self to really start living from my power, my potential. For me, the work starts with our 40 Days to a PR program. It starts with my own radical revolution. Join me. Join the revolution.

Written by Kelly Meadway, Director of Studios for 502 Power Yoga. Contact 502 Power Yoga for information on our next 40 Days to a Personal Revolution program.