That is the question. The Delta variant has put 502PY at another crossroads: How can we protect our community, stay open in-studio, AND continue to empower and inspire students? Our options seem to be limited to:

  1. Do nothing,
  2. Require masks for all, or
  3. require vaccinations for all.

I hate each of these options.

502PY was created to be a neutral, safe space, accepting of all, regardless of backstory or beliefs. But it seems no matter what option we choose, we will be polarizing our community in some regard. So what to do?

We created our core values to help us navigate challenges like this:

Integrity & Accountability: We have followed and should continue to follow CDC recommendations, even if they are not mandated. Doing nothing would be irresponsible and out of alignment with our mission.

Acceptance & Inclusivity: Requiring a proof of vaccination would automatically exclude a portion of our population (and would create an administrative headache!). Requiring masks for all evens the playing field without isolating any particular group.

Connection & Community: In order to create a safe environment for our community to gather and connect, and to put parents with small children at ease, masking up right now makes the most sense.

Therefore, requiring masks for all is a simple (albeit annoying) change that will protect all yogis. And, hopefully, it’s temporary.

Effective Wednesday, August 11th, masks will be required by ALL students and instructors, regardless of vaccination status.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding, and as always, reach out to us with any questions or concerns.


Cat Crawford, owner and CEO, 502 Power Yoga