FAQ about 40 Days to a Personal Revolution

What is 40 Days to a Personal Revolution?

This revolutionary program developed by Baron Baptiste will take you on a 40-day journey to create something new in your physical body and life.

Over 40 days, you will be challenged to practice asana (physical yoga practice) and meditation daily. There will be excavating journal questions that are meant to poke, prod, and peel away layers of your existence that cover up your authentic, pure self. If losing weight is something you want to do, you will be given tools to help you examine your diet, and guide you to the changes that will better align with your highest intention.

You will meet once a week with community members on the same journey as you where you will discuss your challenges and triumphs. The 40 Days program, and the community you do the program with, exists to empower and enable you in fulfilling the results and interests that are important to you,­ and in the process, will leave you transformed with vitality, freedom, and peace of mind.

Why 40 Days?

The number 40 has significance in several ancient stories of transformation: Jesus wandered for forty days; Moses journeyed for forty years towards the holy land; Noah sailed his ark for forty days, and according to the Kabbalah, it takes forty days to ingrain a new way of being into our system. As Baron writes in the introduction to his book, “That is what we are aiming to do here: wipe out the old and welcome the new. In forty days, you can shift into a whole new way of living and being.”

Is this program unique to 502 Power Yoga?

No! Baptiste studios all across the WORLD are doing 40 Days to a Personal Revolution RIGHT NOW! Some start before us, some start a week or two after us, but you are a part of a bigger community who are all working to create a revolution in their mind and body!

Can I do the program if I can’t attend the same meeting every week?

Yes! We have designed the program so that you can attend ANY meeting in the week that fits your schedule, whether it’s always the same meeting each week or a totally different meeting each week. The meetings appear on our class schedule just like a regular class; you just sign up for the meeting that works for your schedule that week. We even have a Virtual meeting (meets via the video conference call app, Zoom) to accommodate those who might not be able to make it into the studio.

Can I do this program if I’m brand new to yoga or meditation?

Yes! This program starts small (20-minute yoga practices) and slowly builds in length so your body has a chance to adjust. You have the support of your 40 Days Facilitation Team and the other participants to guide you through the program as well.

If you have never meditated, We are offering a Meditation workshop to 40 Days participants for FREE to help get you started powerfully in your daily meditation practice. Instructions for getting enrolled in the Meditation workshop of your choice will be emailed to you after you register.

What’s this about a Fruit Feast?!?

The program prescribes a 3-day Fruit Feast in the middle of the program as an opportunity to reset and be mindful about what you put in your body. If eating only fruit for 3 days does not align with current dietary restrictions you have, we invite you to create your own 3-day challenge to partake in for those 3-days (no dairy, no grains, all juice, etc).

40 Days to a Personal Revolution BookDo I need to buy/borrow the book?

Yes. This program has required reading each week from Baron Baptiste’s book, 40 Days to a Personal Revolution. There are many copies of this book floating around the yoga student from previous 40 Days participants, so if you do not want to buy it, reach out to the 502PY Facebook Group to see if someone has a copy to borrow. Digital copies work, too!

What if I can’t make it to the kickoff meeting?

The kickoff meeting is designed to be a foundational session to prepare you to begin the program powerfully and informed. If you cannot make it to the kickoff, please contact the studio and one of our facilitators will touch base with you to get you started.

How do I get my yoga on?

Yoga classes are not included in the program. Please review our various membership and class package options and select the one that will work best for you and give you the most access to in-studio classes! Practicing at home is always an option (we even provide digital classes to facilitate your home practice needs) but there is a certain energy to practicing amongst our community with other participants that can’t be beat!

How do I sign up?

We’re glad you asked! Click the link below, click “Sign Up Now!” and follow the on-screen prompts.

Have more questions?

We are here to help. Complete the form below and we will answer any questions you may have!
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We look forward to guiding you in your Revolution!