I’m new to yoga—Where do I begin?

This time of year, most of the emails, phone calls, and conversations behind the desk start with, “I’m new to yoga. Where do I begin?”

It’s simple: Just show up. All of our classes at 502 Power Yoga are designed for all levels, but the thing that will make your first visit to a yoga studio easy is our welcoming staff, judgment-free practice space, and friendly community!

We hear over and over again from our clients is that the best part of our yoga studio is the community that exists. This isn’t just a place to go get a workout–this is a place to connect with like-minded individuals who are looking for something more. Try our New Student Introductory Package to see what it’s all about. After 40 days of unlimited yoga, you’ll feel strong, grounded, clear-minded, and you’ll be a part of a special new yoga family!

Get 40 Days for $40

502 Power Yoga Forward FoldBut I’m too stiff to do yoga.

We hear this all the time, and we always say, “Saying you’re too stiff to do yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a shower.” We all start off in life being flexible, free, and stretchy, but over time, through bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, and the stresses of daily living cause us to tighten and stiffen. We don’t practice yoga because we are flexible: We practice yoga to shed the layers that we’ve built up so we can return to our naturally flexible selves!

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Other questions we get a lot:

  • What’s 40 for $40?
    It takes several weeks of trying something new before it becomes a habit. With our 40 Day Introductory package, you have 40 consecutive days to try out all the different instructors and class types so you can give yourself the opportunity to make a regular yoga practice a part of your routine. Your 40 Day Introductory Package begins on your first visit. You can take as many classes as you’d like over the course of those 40 days—We’ve even seen some people do 40 classes, although that’s not typical!
  • What classes are for beginners?
    While anyone can step into any class on our schedule, we sometimes recommend our Flow with Grace (chair/gentle), 502 Basics (slow-paced, workshop-style, alignment based) and Slow Flow classes (slower pace than our regular power vinyasa classes) for brand new students who are intimidated by the flow of a regular vinyasa class and for seasoned practitioners wanting to slow down a bit.
  • How many classes do I need to take before I can step into a regular class?
    You are ready NOW to step into a Power Vinyasa class, even if you’ve never stepped foot on a yoga mat before. Our sequence is pretty consistent from class to class so after 3-4 classes, you will start to get the swing of it. We like to tell brand new students that they’ll be fine as long as they check their ego at the door!
  • What do I need to bring/wear?
    Bring a water bottle, towel for sweat, and a yoga mat. If you don’t have any of those items, we have water bottles to purchase and mats and towels to rent. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in! We do not wear socks when we practice; it makes it hard to stick to the yoga mat.
  • Where do I need to put my mat?
    We have no requirements on mat placement, but new students have told us they like to watch others practicing to see how to do the poses (the instructor does not practice. The middle of the room is ideal to be able to see someone no matter what direction you’re facing, but new students tend to prefer the back! 
  • Why doesn’t the teacher practice with me?
    The instructor does not practice with the students and instead walks throughout the room to check on safety and alignment.
  • Why aren’t there mirrors in the studio?
    We stress the importance of experiencing your connection of mind and body, tuning in and turning off distraction—and being distracted by your reflection in the mirror won’t accomplish that. Read more about that in my blog post, Your Ass Looks Fat in Warrior II.

What to Expect on your First Visit to 502 Power Yoga

  • A warm welcome. Someone will be at the front desk (or nearby!) to welcome you.
  • Technology. If you haven’t registered online, there will be a tablet at the desk for you to register. Please arrive 10 minutes early if you need to get registered.
  • A lobby space for stuff. Place your belongings in the cubby holes. Leave your shoes in the lobby under the benches or in cubbies.
  • A bright and friendly yoga studio. Make your way into the studio and lay your mat down. Grab a strap and a block and make yourself comfortable. Introduce yourself to your neighbor.
  • Cell-phone free. You come to practice at 502PY to escape the constant interruptions of daily life. Please turn your phones and other devices to silent and leave them in the lobby. (Unless you’re on call—then we can make an exception!)
  • Oms. Each class will begin and end with one or three Oms.
  • A locked door…If you are 10 minutes late. Please have integrity and be respectful of your fellow students by arriving punctually.
  • Heat. The studio will be heated to 90º for most classes (not 502 Basics, Slow Flow, or other workshops; see class descriptions for details)…
  • …which in turn leads to Sweat. Bring a bottle of water and, if you need a towel, you can rent one from the front desk for $1.
  • Assists. A lot of classes have assistants, and they and/or the teachers will come by to help you find your fullest expression of a pose. If you do not want to be touched, let the teacher know ahead of time.
  • Applause. Because you deserve to be recognized for the hard work you put in
  • In the Highlands, a small parking lot behind the studio. This lot fills quickly (it’s off the alley that runs between Douglass and Harvard) so save yourself some time by parking on neighborhood streets and walking a block or two.
  • In Jeffersonville, easy parking. We have a large parking lot with tons of space!
  • In the Highlands, 2 bathrooms that also double as changing rooms (no showers).
  • In Jeffersonville, a lobby with large shared bathrooms. We share bathrooms with our neighboring businesses and they provide plenty of space for getting ready before (and after) class! We do not have showers.

What our students are saying

“I’m a 35yo male and I have been going to 502PY once or twice a week for over a year. My lower back soreness has all but vanished and my general movement has improved, enabling me to get on the floor and play with my kids without hindrance. Their instructors are professional and courteous, providing adjustments for all experience levels and positively urging you to challenge yourself. I don’t consider myself to have great flexibility or balance, but the 502PY instructors never let the frustration get to me, they empower you to do your best!” –SW

“The class I attended was my first time ever at that studio, and it was so much better than any other studio I’ve been to! The instructor is so nice with a very soothing and clear voice, and she made it very comfortable for me as I was unable to do some of the poses completely correct. She reassured me that no two practices are the same, and that every practice is unique and it made me feel a lot more secure in every pose!” –EN

“I love how friendly and welcoming everyone is at the studio, staff, teachers, and other students. This makes me feel really supported in my practice. I also love the schedule, the variety and frequency of classes throughout the day. There any many opportunities to get on my mat through the day. I’m so happy to have found a studio where I’m not only excited about my practice but about connecting with other students each time I attend class.” –MD

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