Four Reasons Millennials Need  Yoga

Four Reasons Millennials Need Yoga

4 Reasons Millennials Need Yoga

by Becca Washer As part of my job, I do a lot of research around generations and target marketing. Millennials (ages 18-34) are a unique group of people due mostly to growing up surrounded by technology. (We also like to call ourselves millennials.)  Over the last year I have come to know a new way of life that begins on my mat and follows me into every aspect of my life. Taking these new traits into my work-life has opened my eyes to four reasons my fellow millennials should take up a regular yoga practice.

1. Unplug

We live constantly connected. One of my favorite things about practicing at 502PY and probably one of the things that secured my first couple return visits was having to leave my phone in the lobby. An hour or more without an update, tag, like, or email is pure bliss.

2. Learn Humility

I will speak purely from personal experience here; I love to be the best. In yoga, there is not best–there just is. While I was thinking about writing this post, my ego got the best of me and humility smacked me right back down…literally. After a Saturday morning practice at the studio, I decided to show off to my brother at home with some handstands in the hallway. In true show-off fashion, I flung the lower half of my body over my head and descended as quickly as I went up. I slammed my knee on a door frame so heavily I heard the wood crunch and fell to the floor. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, I got to enjoy a 17-year-old boy laughing at me. Yoga keeps me in check.

3. We like Yoga pants

Let’s be serious, we’re going to wear them anyways. If we all agree to do yoga, no one can naysay the yoga pants.

4. Tangible Goals

Millennials want to change the world. It is awesome to be a part of a generation so intent on being up to something bigger than them. I love to set huge goals and set my sights on the stars. One of the greatest things yoga has given me is the gift of small goals. There is always room for growth, one thing leads into another, chaturanga>crow>tripod headstand. I set small goals like holding one more wheel pose even when it feels like I just can’t anymore. There are so many great things about this generation, and while I believe yoga is for everyone, millennials have so many reasons to try it out. We hold so much power in the “real world”, we create trends, we communicate more than anyone else, and we really can change the world. Let’s create a world where self-care is as important as a 401K. Turn-off your phone, be okay with falling, wear your yoga pants, and set your goal to make it to a class this week!     image from: Time Management Ninja