The Data Doesn’t Lie

FitBit and AppleWatch Results from a 502 Power Yoga Class

More and more yogis are coming into the studio bearing heartrate monitor devices: Fitbits, Apple Watches, and more. We got curious about what kind of data you were finding, so we asked our students to send us some results from their activity tracking devices. The data doesn’t lie—our classes (and teachers) are doing some serious work in power yoga classes!

FitBit Results from Power Vinyasa Yoga

This yogi shared his FitBit results from a 75 minute power vinyasa yoga class. You can see that his heart rate increased steadily for the first third of class and maintains intensity all the way through the seated postures. His Fitbit estimates that he burned 471 calories in this 75 minute class:

FitBit Power Yoga Data Annotated Data from a yogi’s FitBit from a Power Vinyasa Yoga class


Apple Watch Results from Power Vinyasa Yoga

Another yogi submitted her Apple Watch results from a class she reported as especially challenging (lots of fire emojis were used in her message to us). She said she took a lot of child’s pose rest breaks throughout which you can see in her graphic as the low points. Despite all the rest, she burned 525 calories during this session because the overall intensity of the class was high! It looks like the instructor (Dave Calzi) added something rather high intensity right before moving into the hip opening sequence—perhaps some frog leaps? Some intense ab work? Every instructor has their own flare. Dave has admitted his love of the Vitality Sequence (the crescent into crow pose sequence that follows sun salutations) so you can tell he really brought the heat in that portion of class:

Data from a yogi’s Apple Watch from a Power Vinyasa Yoga class

Below are some additional reports we received:

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Yoga Calorie Calculator

How many calories will I burn in a Power Vinyasa Yoga class?

That all depends–as you can see from the reports above, it varies! Your age, weight, height, and fitness level will all affect how many calories you burn in class. Also, the intensity of the classes can vary from instructor to instructor, and we’ve heard devices report a higher calorie burn at the Highlands studio, probably because it gets more humid in there.

And just like every Power Yoga class can vary from one to the next, different types of yoga will give you different results. Many pre-programmed apps (like MyFitnessPal) do not credit you with enough calories if you choose their pre-programmed “Yoga” category for Fitness. We recommend you create a new Activity called “Power Yoga” for apps like these and use your own historical data to come up with an estimate of calories burn. Our friends at Move Your Hyde Power Yoga in Cincinnati have a handy calculator on their webiste that you could use as a starting point
Apple Watch in Yoga Class: Photo by Megan Resch

Things to know about wearing an Activity Tracker to class:

  1. Please turn them on Do Not Disturb during class.
  2. Check the packaging of your specific device to be sure it can withstand the heat and humidity that come with our hot yoga studio classes.


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