Why You Should Disco Flow

By Becca Washer

Over the past 1.75 years at 502PY, I have attended hundreds of yoga classes, almost every single workshop, guest teacher, and master class. Never have I laughed or danced as much as I did at our Disco Flow. 502 Power Yoga is Lululemon’s studio of the month and thanks to them, there are two special in-studio classes and four classes being held at their Oxmoor Center store. These FREE classes are great for anyone in your life that you have been inviting to yoga. I highly suggest the next Disco Flow for the following reasons:

1. Disco Ball – I don’t know about you but when I first thought about starting yoga, I never imagined I would find my home at a studio with a permanent disco ball.  DYK: At one point 90% of all disco balls were made in Louisville.

2. Friends – Friends love to hang out and dance. Friends love free things. Free yoga Disco Flow meets all of these. Bring your friends. Make friends.

3. Yoga Dancing – There was a fantastic discussion after class about how yoga dancing is infinitely less intimidating that regular dancing because you already look awkward in most poses. Dancing does not add to the awkwardness, it just enhances it in the best way. For me personally, all of my dance moves (aka waving my hands in the air off beat and shaking my butt – see #2) line up perfectly with most poses.

4. Lights Off – Are you worried about what you will look like at your first class? Try a class where the lights are off and the room is only illuminated with the small bursts of a shiny mirror ball.

See you on your mat! October 21 | 9-10pm | First-Come-First-Serve