How do I know what to expect from a yoga class?

A class’ name can tell you a lot. But…have you ever been to another studio where you unrolled your mat, settled in, and then realized that the fiery flow you thought you’d signed up for is a serene cozy yoga sesh? Or have you ever been looking forward to settling into your bolster only to realize that you’re in for more chair pose than child’s pose? At 502 Power Yoga, we believe in making the practice accessible and enjoyable for everyone—and we know a welcoming and inclusive environment starts with empowering our community by communicating clearly. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every student feels informed, supported, and confident.

That’s why we’ve decided to change the names of two of our classes starting December 29, 2023. Our goal is to eliminate confusion and ensure that everyone knows exactly what to expect when they step on their mat. Gone are the days of puzzling over the intensity of a class. You want a juicy flow with a little heat and a heavy focus on mobility and opening? You want to dig deep or slow it down without sacrificing strength? We’ve got you.

Our new class names reflect the essence of each class, so you have a snapshot of the experience that you can expect.

Renew & Release is now Hearts & Hips

Hearts & Hips is a variation of our Power Vinyasa class with a heavy focus on mobility, strength and opening in the shoulders and hips. You can expect an extended warm up and cool down, with opportunity for challenge and sweat in between. The studio is heated between 90-94 degrees for this class and music accompanies the flow.

Slow Flow is now Slow & Strong

In this slower-paced Power Vinyasa class, we think “less is more.” You’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself while holding fewer postures for a longer period of time. Great for those looking to dig deep or simply s l o w down. The studio is heated between 90-94 for the class and music accompanies the flow.

Nothing about these classes is changing; we’ve just renamed them to better reflect the experiences they offer. So, sign up—for the first time or the 100th—with confidence that you know exactly what you’re getting.

We’ll see you on our mats.