Pro Tip: What to Wear Under Yoga Pants

by Laura Olinger

When you’re settling in for some deep hip opening in Half Pigeon, the last thing you want is to be distracted by your undergarments, or as a friend once called them, “unmentionables.” Instead of allowing yourself to focus on your breath, you’re thinking, “Is my underwear line showing? Is it twisting into an asana of its own? Can I adjust this wedgie without anyone seeing?”

It’s better to beat the bunch before you begin practice by being choosy about what you wear under your yoga pants.

Keep it quality

First, I recommend getting comfortable, durable yoga pants. It can be tempting to buy the cheapest option (guilty!) but you’ll pay in the end with the flimsy fabric showing what’s underneath. Real talk: my dear friend once called me out on the pattern showing through a thin pair of pants in Pyramid pose. Trust me, make the investment in a performance guaranteed product, like Lululemon’s Wunder Unders.

Keep it in line

Choosing what style to wear under your yoga pants comes down to personal preference. Some women prefer thongs because of the limited amount of fabric that is easily hidden and can help keep you cool in a hot practice. Others are comfortable with more substantial coverage, like briefs. Regardless of style, look for pieces that are designed to be seamless and won’t show a line.
Another option is to go commando. There’s no concern for anything showing through, and it’s more breathable. That said, be sure that you are properly covered when you practice in the studio.

Men’s shorts and pants tend to fit looser, although tight fits are also available. While you gents may not have to worry as much about lines showing through, you will still want to find undergarments that are comfortable to wear throughout a practice.

Keep it together

Lastly, you can get the best of both worlds by selecting yoga bottoms that have a built-in lining, such as Dear Kate pants and shorts.

My final piece of advice is to always test out your ensemble at home first. Do a few Sun Salutations in your living room to make sure that you can be a Warrior and not a worrier when you arrive at the studio for practice.