My 502 Community: Why I Keep Coming Back

by Melody Mayes

My 502 Community
My first class at 502 Power Yoga was terrifying; I walked in and was ridiculously early. I sat in the waiting area and started to sweat even before class began. The class before had just let out and about 30 people trickled into the waiting room sweaty, giggling, hugging and all apparently best friends–I considered fleeing. I was only there because I spent a $40 gift card on the 40 days for $40 offer. No one would miss the new girl, right? Instead, I went in, set up my mat, block, strap and prayed I would survive the next 75 minutes.

 Off the Mat Lessons

Admittedly I judged yoga too harshly and too quickly which turns out I do off the mat as well.  Now that I’m seeing this parallel, I realize there have been many times in my life where I am quick to judge. In graduate school a group invited me to grab drinks after class. I immediately thought that these people were not sincere in their request in inviting me and questioned their motives; thankfully I went.  It wasn’t long after that night that we all became close friends.  One friend laughs to this day how I truly didn’t believe their intentions were genuine.  Thankfully, in life, I have been taking risks prior to yoga, but yoga has made me realize that my hesitations are typically if not always unwarranted.  With yoga and the wisdom it has given me, I hope to take leaps and bounds into the future without hesitation and without judgment of how my life is or is perceived.  That simple gift of a $40 gift card has changed the trajectory of my life completely.