502 power Yoga Louisville Kentucky YogaLet’s talk about sweat.  I have heard women say on multiple occasions throughout my life, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle.”  Previously as a runner and cross-fitter I rarely experienced sweat (or sparkle for that matter) in my workouts.  Actually, I never did–ever.  The first  yoga class I had with 502 Power Yoga I was prepared for the 90 degree heat by being super hydrated, grabbing a towel once I entered the studio (although I did not think I needed it) and bringing in additional water.  With that being said, I was NOT prepared for the sweat.

My laundry detergent was also not prepared for the sweat.  Now I’m a lady so I won’t go into details, but my Pinterest research on “smelly gym clothes” provided me with loads of recommendations; I tried all of them.  I tried adding baking soda.  I tried white vinegar.  I tried soaking.  I tried not drying.  All of my clothes still maintained a certain level of ‘ew’.  It wasn’t until I finally got up the courage to ask a fellow yogi friend, Jess, about how she managed the sweat in her laundry that I discovered something as simple as Tide Sport was the answer.

With that problem solved, there are no longer concerns about odor or other potential issues with my yoga clothes impacting my yoga practice or my confidence.  But more importantly I should not have been so embarrassed.  Conversations about sweat are not the easiest to be had, but it isn’t going to break connections either.

Regardless of my previous sweat to sparkle ratio in physical activity, I can officially say I sweat at 502 PY and I do so knowing that no one judges me for it. Being part of a community that allows for questions, mistakes, falling out of tree pose for the 700th time that week, is ok.  The reminders from teachers and assistants that falling out of a pose is perfect reminds all of us that just as we are is just how we should be in our lives.  There is usually a sweaty Baptiste hug at the end of that 60 to 90 minute Vinyasa Flow waiting for me, and I love it. It has astounded me that adding yoga to my life has truly helped with self-confidence in such a big way and that’s regardless of sparkle, sweat or choice of laundry detergent.

Know always that the community at 502 Power Yoga is just that, a community.  Come with questions.  Come with hugs. Come as you are. Leave sweaty.


Written by Melody Mayes