East End Closing April 30, 2024

East End Closing April 30, 2024

Written by 502 Power Yoga owner, Cat Crawford, March 11, 2024

The time has come to cease operations at our East End / Rudy Lane yoga studio. I’ll let this Parable of the Fisherman and the Business help explain my why:

The Parable of the Fisherman & the Businessman

A successful businessman on vacation was at the pier of a small coastal village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large yellowfin tuna. The businessman complimented the fisherman on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took to catch them.

The fisherman proudly replied, “Every morning, I go out in my boat for 30 minutes to fish. I’m the best fisherman in the village”.

The businessman, perplexed, then asks the fisherman “If you’re the best, why don’t you stay out longer and catch more fish? What do you do the rest of the day?”

The fisherman replied “I sleep late, fish a little, play with my children, spend quality time with my wife, and every evening we stroll into the village to drink wine and play guitar with our friends. I have a full and happy life.”

The businessman scoffed, “I am a successful CEO and have a talent for spotting business opportunities. I can help you be more successful. You should spend more time fishing and buy a bigger boat with the proceeds. With the proceeds from the bigger boat, you could buy several boats, and eventually, you would have a fleet of fishing boats with many fishermen. Instead of selling your catch to just your friends, you can scale to sell fish to thousands. You could leave this small coastal fishing village and move to the big city, where you can oversee your growing empire.”

The fisherman, intrigued, asked, “How long will this all take?”

To which the businessman replied, “15 – 20 years.”

“And what then?” asked the fisherman.

The businessman laughed and said, “That’s the best part.  When the time is right you would announce an IPO and sell your company stock to the public and become very rich, you would make millions!”

“Millions – then what?”

The businessman said, “Then you would retire.  Move to a small coastal fishing village where you would sleep late, fish a little, play with your kids, spend time with your wife, stroll to the village in the evenings where you could sip wine and play your guitar with your friends.”

Shift of Vision

Pre-pandemic, I was in growth & expansion mode. My vision for 502 Power Yoga was to open multiple studios around the city, expanding our franchise and spreading the power of yoga. However, the Coronavirus Pandemic caused a deep examination of my life and the business. I heard this parable somewhere along the way and it dawned on me: Expansion was not truly what I wanted for myself or my family. I want to live the life of the Fisherman. Not the businessman. It was time to return to my roots: Teaching yoga in a small, community-oriented environment with a tight-knit (and kickass) team.

It’s been a good run

To all of the students and team members who have shown up at the East End studio over the last 4.5 years, THANK YOU. It’s certainly had its ups and downs:

It was gangbusters right out of the gates in the Fall of 2019, packing the house with as many as 31 people at some point (how did we fit them all in?!).

Just 4 months after a successful opening, the Covid pandemic began. Mandatory lockdown forced us to close our doors, and then we chose not to reopen even when we were allowed because of the general fear people had around breathing on each other in such a small space at that time. We did not reopen until September 2020, and we only had a 6-person capacity.

A little over a year after the pandemic, we upped our capacity to a whopping 9.

I don’t think it was until the Fall of 2022 that we finally increased the capacity to what it is now: 20. It was pretty obvious at this point that the space was just too small for this post-pandemic world…for the business model it was created for, anyway. But a lease is a lease, so we did the best with what we had, and kept on trucking.


It has served us well, but with the lease running out, it’s time to let her go. So we’ll be down to one yoga studio: Our original Highlands location in the Douglass Loop. Our team will be able to better support each other—teaching, mentoring, taking each other’s classes—and we’ll have resources to add more Front Desk shifts to better support YOU. We’ll be able to have some extra cash on hand to invest in the facilities, like a speaker system that works consistently 😝 and heat panels!!! We’ll have more time and energy to create workshops and other programming to support you in your practice. And we’ll have more capacity for planning and leading RETREATS 🤘

On a personal note, I’m hoping my life becomes more like that of the Fisherman from the parable: Less stressful with a bit more time to do the things I love: Painting, gardening, cooking, hiking, traveling, and TEACHING YOGA!

Highlands Schedule Changes

We are making some minor tweaks and additions to our Highlands schedule effective May 1, 2024:

  • NEW: Monday 7:30-8:45 AM Power Vinyasa
  • NEW: Friday 7:30-8:45 AM Friday Flow
  • Tweak: Monday 9:30-10:45 AM will now be Hearts & Hips
  • Tweak: Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 AM will now begin at 5:45 AM
  • Tweak: Sunday 8:00 AM YOD will move to the Highlands with a new 7:30 AM start time (sadly the 8 AM Power Vinyasa is dropping from the schedule)

*Edited to add: We are brainstorming additional schedule changes, like staggered start times for all Tuesday/Thursday classes. Stay tuned for details.

Teachers may be moving around on the schedule, so watch Walla as we get closer to May for the final details. There will be space for more class additions come Fall, so if you don’t see what you hoped for here, send us your requests to namaste@502poweryoga.com. We won’t be able to implement everything of course but it is helpful to hear what the people want!


Is the overall business okay?

Yes—this closure will actually strengthen the core of 502 Power Yoga and increase our chances of being around for a long, long time.

What is the final day of classes?

Tuesday, April 30th, 2024. 

Will there be a final “goodbye” class celebration?

We don’t have anything planned yet. Watch our Social Media and Newsletter for updates.

What will happen to my favorite East End teachers?

Unfortunately, not all teachers will have a class on the Highlands schedule right away. But all teachers are invited to stay on the team as substitute instructors so hopefully, they’ll be popping in to teach (and practice!) until we can find permanent class homes for them!

What will happen to my favorite classes?

Our most popular East End classes (Sunday morning YOD and Monday morning Hearts & Hips) will be replacing classes on our Highlands schedule.

What do I do about my membership?

Your membership, regardless of what studio you purchased it at, will work at our Highlands studio. All of our monthly memberships auto-renew monthly on the date of purchase. While we would love to keep you in the community, you can request a membership cancelation through this form.

If you have a “Paid in Full” (6- or 12-month) membership that you won’t be able to use after April 30, please contact us.

What if I have a class pass?

Nothing will change with your class pass. You can continue to use it at our Highlands location until it expires. If the closure of this studio means you will not be able to use your class card, you can transfer your passes to another student or donate them to a student in need.

Can I get a refund?

We are not able to make cash refunds at this time. You have until April 30th to use any classes on your account at the East End studio. Please email us if you have any questions. We can transfer your passes to another student if you are unable to use them for any reason.

How will this affect the Highlands location?

When we are down to one studio, there will be more resources to be invested at the Highlands. You will see two new classes on the schedule (Monday and Friday at 7:30 AM) and facility improvements. We’ll be able to offer more programs and workshops and invest time and energy into retreat planning. The Highlands is NOT closing!

Will you be adding capacity to the Highlands studio?

Not at this time. We like it how it is 🙂

Will you be adding parking to the Highlands?

The parking lots in the Highlands are tied to commercial properties, so we can’t increase parking unless we rent additional commercial spaces. We are VERY fortunate to have a dozen parking spots for our business—that’s unheard of in the Douglass Loop, except for CVS! The streets around the studio continue to be dependable and accessible for most students. Please see the parking map for tips on parking near the Highlands studio.

What other questions do you have? Please comment below or email us if we missed something (and we’ll keep this list updated for others!)

Thank you for all of your support over the last 10 years!

What’s in a Name? Knowing what to expect in a yoga class.

What’s in a Name? Knowing what to expect in a yoga class.

How do I know what to expect from a yoga class?

A class’ name can tell you a lot. But…have you ever been to another studio where you unrolled your mat, settled in, and then realized that the fiery flow you thought you’d signed up for is a serene cozy yoga sesh? Or have you ever been looking forward to settling into your bolster only to realize that you’re in for more chair pose than child’s pose? At 502 Power Yoga, we believe in making the practice accessible and enjoyable for everyone—and we know a welcoming and inclusive environment starts with empowering our community by communicating clearly. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every student feels informed, supported, and confident.

That’s why we’ve decided to change the names of two of our classes starting December 29, 2023. Our goal is to eliminate confusion and ensure that everyone knows exactly what to expect when they step on their mat. Gone are the days of puzzling over the intensity of a class. You want a juicy flow with a little heat and a heavy focus on mobility and opening? You want to dig deep or slow it down without sacrificing strength? We’ve got you.

Our new class names reflect the essence of each class, so you have a snapshot of the experience that you can expect.

Renew & Release is now Hearts & Hips

Hearts & Hips is a variation of our Power Vinyasa class with a heavy focus on mobility, strength and opening in the shoulders and hips. You can expect an extended warm up and cool down, with opportunity for challenge and sweat in between. The studio is heated between 90-94 degrees for this class and music accompanies the flow.

Slow Flow is now Slow & Strong

In this slower-paced Power Vinyasa class, we think “less is more.” You’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself while holding fewer postures for a longer period of time. Great for those looking to dig deep or simply s l o w down. The studio is heated between 90-94 for the class and music accompanies the flow.

Nothing about these classes is changing; we’ve just renamed them to better reflect the experiences they offer. So, sign up—for the first time or the 100th—with confidence that you know exactly what you’re getting.

We’ll see you on our mats.

What is yoga?

What is yoga?

Short answer:

Yoga is a practice that calms the storms of the mind to create mental clarity.

Long answer:

Ask a few random people what they think yoga is, and you’ll get a variety of answers. And, they are probably all right.

However, they may only be seeing one small piece of the whole because the practice of yoga is much richer than most people realize. Myself included. I attended my first yoga class at Santa Monica Power Yoga in 2007 because I thought it would be a great stretching routine to complement my running. I kept attending because I appreciated the calorie burn and how good it made my body feel.

As my yoga class attendance increased and my mileage decreased, I began to understand that there was much, MUCH more to this practice than some poses in a hot room.

Fifteen years later, I am still discovering the complexities and depth of this ancient practice. The fact that it makes my body feel good is the icing on the cake.

So what is yoga? Let’s break down some of the common beliefs:

Yoga students at 502 Power Yoga in Louisville, KY with hands at prayer

Is Yoga meditating?

The practice of yoga includes meditation, but that is just one part (limb) of a yoga practice. What we practice and teach at 502 Power Yoga is the limb called “Asana,” the physical practice of yoga. We include meditation (dhyana) and breathing exercises (pranayama) in some of our classes. There are eight limbs along the path of yoga, and just as one climbs a tree, you ascend the limbs along your journey, and you must reach one limb before you can climb to the next. As one of my teachers once told me, the asana (poses) are the only part of yoga that can truly be taught, especially in a group class setting. The other limbs must be studied, practiced, and attained individually.  

students in a restorative pose in a yoga in louisville, ky

Is Yoga just stretching? 

I don’t know why this is a misconception, but it’s the one I hear most often. Yes, there is a lot of stretching in a yoga asana class. Yes, you will become flexible if you practice yoga. But how you are stretching is the misunderstood part. In any yoga class—from gentle to power—you will be dynamically and actively stretching: Creating length in your muscles while simultaneously balancing, strengthening, meditating, and focusing.

Having said all that, Yin is basically “just stretching.” This special type of class holds postures for several minutes at a time, allowing muscles to lengthen and release more passively. We offer Yin classes Sundays at 11:30AM and Wednesdays at 7:30AM.

a sweaty young man in a yoga in louisville ky

Is Yoga a good workout

I might get some crap for this, but yes, undoubtedly. However, if you’re looking for quantity over quality calorie burn, you’d be better off doing a cardio exercise like running or cycling. But one can burn up to 600-700 calories in a 60-minute class, depending on your body type, constitution, how hard you push yourself, etc.

But unlike cardio, in a yoga class, you will also get toned, strengthening not just the vanity muscles like your abs and your biceps, but also the less visible (but more important!) muscle groups like your hip rotators, the intrinsic muscles in your feet, and the tiny muscles supporting your shoulder blades. A well-rounded yoga asana practice focuses on healthy, dynamic movement, creating agility and mobility.

The reality is that most people get hooked on yoga because they like the calorie burn and they like how sore they are the next day. Over time, people realize that the benefits go far beyond the physical. So while it is a great workout, it is not just a great workout.

ending a yoga with hands at prayer in lousiville ky

Is Yoga a spiritual practice? 

As I said above, most people come to a yoga class because they want to get in a good sweat, stretch out, and tone their bodies. However, the practice of yoga Asana is deeply rooted in centuries of spiritual wisdom originating in ancient India, and it’s hard not to pick up on some of those things. The ritualistic format of classes could be likened to a religious service: We typically begin classes with an “om,” we bow to each other at the end, and it sure as shit makes you feel connected to a universal vibration.

I have never considered myself a spiritual person. I grew up Catholic here in Louisville but stopped attending mass as a teenager. I was disenchanted with the dogma and rigidness of the services, and frankly, how boring it all was. I found a new appreciation for spirituality when I began attending yoga classes. It allowed me to feel as though there were a higher being out there, it created peace in my body and mind, and it created a connection between me and the people in classes with me.

No one is going to force you to bow to Hindu gods or give up your existing religious beliefs. But I believe that if you are seeking a spiritual practice, you could find that in a yoga practice.

a power vinyasa yoga in louisville ky

Is “Power Yoga” really yoga?

We think so 😋 Yoga is a profound journey of self-discovery that has been through many evolutions as it’s been adopted by and adapted to new cultural contexts globally. Power Yoga is a relatively modern form of this practice, but our aim remains the same as that of the ancient yoga masters: To calm the mind to be better humans.

4 Reasons to be a YES to Yoga Mala 2016

4 Reasons to be a YES to Yoga Mala 2016

4 Reasons to be a YES to Yoga Mala 2016

By Melody Mayes

Yoga Mala 2016 is this weekend, and there’s a reason we are all so excited about it. The event will be hosted at the Muhammad Ali Center on Saturday, January 2nd 10 am to 1 pm. Just trust us, you are going to want to be a YES for this one.

  1. Community.  This is a phenomenal way to create and be part of a larger community. Yoga Mala will have studio owners and instructors from across the city coming to provide their spirit and energy as they lead us through an inspiring 108 Sun Salutations.
  2. It’s for everyone and every body.  Truly. 108 Sun Salutations may seem like no joke (and it is no joke), but you will have the opportunity to get coffee, mingle with new and old friends, and child’s pose is always an option, even if you take it 108 times.
  3. Do something bigger than yourself. The new year of 2016 is coming and this is an opportunity to do something big. Aside from starting off with a strong practice, the other benefit is that half of the registration fee will go to the Muhammad Ali Center and the other half to the Africa Yoga Project. A large impact locally and globaly will be made because of you!
  4. It’s fun!  If you have never imaged doing 108 Sun Salutations just know that being in a room with hundreds of other yogis was an amazing way to start off a new year for me last year and it truly can set the tone for the rest of 2016.

Can’t make it, but want to still be part of the fun?  Buy a one-of-a-kind Yoga Mala shirt illustrated by 502PY owner Cat Larimore, or make a contribution to help sponsor another attendee. The shirt can be purchased in studio and your registration sponsorship (any amount) can be made in the studio. You can make a donation to the cause by emailing namaste@502poweryoga.com

7 Reasons to Practice Hot Yoga in the Winter

7 Reasons to Practice Hot Yoga in the Winter

7 Reasons to Practice Hot Yoga in the Winter

by Cami Glauser
Let’s be honest, 502 Power Yoga is always awesome, but it’s even cooler in the winter (not literally of course!) While the cold starts settling in, the holiday dinners get bigger, and the winter blues start singing their tune, 502 Power Yoga has a lot going on to keep Jack Frost from chilling you to the bone.


 1. The HEAT.
This kind of a no-brainer, but I think it has to be said. It’s getting cold outside and the studio is always warm (about 90 degrees warm). Not only do power yoga classes provide that external warmth we crave during these chilly months, but it also helps create that internal heat (tapas) that we can carry with us throughout our entire day.


2. Yoga Helps You Stay Healthy
It is widely known and highly suggested that working out makes you less likely to get sick. Studies have shown that it can even prevent you from getting a cold. Not only do you sweat out toxins, but practicing hot yoga creates fluidity in the joints and more flexibility in your body. This is especially important as our bodies start to feel as stiff as holiday peanut brittle. Stay healthy this winter by sweating it out on your mat.


3. Avoid the “Holiday Hunch”
It’s come to that time of year again where we start wearing jackets, coats, scarves, and hats. Without realizing it, we naturally begin to hunch over to create more warmth in our mid-body (and to joyfully sip on that freshly brewed hot coffee/tea that warms our hands). Practicing yoga gives us the space to open up again. Taking time in those amazing heart and throat opening poses like fish, camel, wheel, and even upward facing dog, can help counter-act this “holiday hunch” and create more space in your physical body.


4 . Ward Away the Winter Blues
When it starts getting cold outside, I tend to go into hibernation mode. Yes, this is cozy and wonderful, but sometimes I get a little stir crazy. I can only carry on conversations with my dog for so long. That’s why I believe connection and community are so much more important during these chilly months–luckily, 502PY has a great one. Simply by just walking into the studio, greeted by familiar faces, is like getting a big hug and can clear the winter blues in an instant. The warm energy that’s shared by the teachers, assistants, energy exchange-er’s, and, of course, the ever-calm and loving Kelly Meadway, is the best reminder that even though we’re all bundled away in our separate homes, cars, and lives we are all still connected.


5. 40 Days to Personal Revolution
Instead of a New Years Resolution, why not make it a New Years Revolution. This 40-day program is truly the “meat and potatoes” of the studio and one of my personal favorites. Happening Jan 31 – March 13, this program encompasses all the practices of Baptiste Yoga (and then some!) including asana (yoga practice), meditation, inquiry, and diet. Not to mention, it also comes with an amazing group of fellow revolutionaries who will support you along the way and help get you through those begrudging “after the holidays” winter months. Trust me, you don’t want to miss participating in this program! #40daystoPR #whybaptisteyoga


6 . HOLLAAA for Yoga Malaaaa!
108 Sun Salutations, 12 different yoga instructors from all over the city, and one unforgettable experience. I couldn’t think of a better way to welcome 2016 than to breathe, move, and ignite the new year with 100+ other yogi’s all in one space. All proceeds benefit the Africa Yoga Project. Be up to something bigger than yourself this year and come to this amazing event happening January 2nd.


7. Hands on Assisting
If you love those amazing Savasana assists at the end of class, Hands on Assisting is your chance to learn the art of assisting. This is a full weekend dedicated to deepening your practice and learning the tools to effectively and appropriately assist others. January 23 & 24 are the days this “hands on” experience is taking place. Make sure there’s time in your calendar for this one!


Just because the days end earlier doesn’t mean your practice needs to come to a halt. We have a lot of fun before and after the holidays, and hope to see you all in the studio soon.
P.S. If you have kiddos getting cabin fever, 502 Power Kids is a great opportunity for them to stretch themselves and get all those jitters out on the mat.